Monday, June 23, 2008

What a Week!

Both of my brothers were in town this past week and we had such a good time. I love when family comes to visit. Even Clark, the brother in the middle of the picture. Is there any doubt as to why he is still single? I don't think so.

This is a picture of my parents, my son, JA, the aforementioned Clark, my brother Donald and his wife Lynne and daughter Lizzie. (They could only be here for a few days, so we tried to cram in a much fun as we could in a short period of time.)
Saturday, my mom, Clark and I hit Scott's antique market. I found a few things; a lovely, soft piece of hand spun linen, a few watch faces, and a tiny little copper tea kettle that turned out to have been made from a penny. We ate lunch there, which I would not recommend. It is very expensive. I wish we had packed a lunch and ate in the truck because then I would have had more money for stuff!
The rest of the week sped by so fast it is a bit of a blur. One day we went thrifting, finding a place off of Moreland Ave. that we had never been in before. It was....interesting to say the least. But, we did find a few things, so it was not a total loss.
Thursday, the day D and family had to leave, we spent at home playing marbles on the board my grandmother made, chatting and wishing that 7:00 pm would not arrive. But it did, and they are now home and I miss having them here. Lots.
Clark did not have to leave until this morning, so we were back to running about. Friday was a trip to the High Museum to see the Houdon sculpture and the Civil Rights exhibits. The sculptures were extraordinary. Superbly executed, life-like images of George Washington, Voltaire, Ben Franklin, Houdon's own wife and daughter and more.
The Civil Rights exhibit is mesmerizing, sad and riveting all at once. Photographs detail the anger and rage that surrounded that period of time. You cannot leave there without feeling deep emotion. I would recommend it to anyone who lives here in Georgia or will be visiting here this summer.
Lunch at Eat's on Ponce de Leon proved a hit. A small hole-in-the-wall, they serve up tasty pastas and chicken and have the friendliest staff you'll ever find. Go! Go and have their jerk chicken or linguine with olive oil and garlic, mushrooms and peppers. Mmmmmmm.
Saturday morning, through closely spaced rain drops, we drove south to Dawn's house for her yard sale. Brave girl- she put it on despite the weather and there were many bargains to be found. I purchased 7 bags of linens and fabric, an old screen door, a few aprons, a little sewing kit, a roll of grapevine and a sweet doll bed. Because Blogger has been being a bit difficult, I will have to post the pictures later. It only let me upload this one photo.
If you read her blog, you know that even though it was pouring down rain most of the morning, her yard sale was a huge success!! It was worth all of that hard work! :)
A quick trip home to drop off our goodies and we were off again, this time to pick up my #1Son and head to the Michael C. Carlos Museum for the Lost Kingdoms of the Nile exhibit and lunch at The Earl in East Atlanta. It was a long day and by the time we got home, we were all exhausted.
And so, to quote Edward R. Morrow, "that is the week that was." Fun, fast, full, fatiguing.
And I would do it all over again.


Aunt Jenny said...

Sounds like a busy fun week!!!
It is always fun to have family in town. I hope we get some visitors like that this summer!

The Feathered Nest said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL week Karin! Thank you so very much for braving the rain and still coming to my sale ~ you're such a sweetheart, arriving and bearing gifts too! I love each and every thing so much, hope to see you again real soon, xxoo, Dawn

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