Friday, June 27, 2008

New Things, New Foods, New Life

This has been a week of change her at our house. On Wednesday, the very nice men from our local heating and air company came and installed a heat pump/air conditioner in the family room half of the house. What a difference it makes! No more loud, blowing window unit freezing the backs of our heads as we sit watching television. No more hot little corner for the computer. No more hot, stuffy kitchen and dining room. No more sweaty cook in said kitchen.
How on earth did I live without this amazing device in my attic for ten years?! The poor men who worked through the day yesterday have my utmost respect. There is nothing worse than a Georgia attic in the summertime, and to be stuck in one for nine hours would be more than I could bear. But they did it, and kept smiles on their faces and pleasant conversations all through the day. Only when they were nearly finished did I discover that they had not stopped for lunch. How could that be? You have to eat!
guilt washed over me as I began cooking dinner for my family. The smell of shrimp and garlic wafted up to the attic and I am certain they their stomachs were rumbling.
"Would you like to join us for dinner?"
"No, thank you, ma'am."
When they left, I gave them enough extra dollars to get a decent dinner for themselves. It was the least I could do.

On Tuesday evening, I decided to make myself a little treat from the rhubarb I bought on the ill-fated trip to the Farmer's Market. I chose to stew it with sugar and make something similar to applesauce. Rhubarb Sauce.
I started with this:

Then added this:

Then I decided to add some of this- the candied ginger made from the ginger slices I used for the ginger syrup. (I just had to write ginger waa-yyy too many times.)

And I ended up with this! Rhubarb sauce in my favorite, creamy Brown Cow yogurt. Doesn't that look delicious?

Now for the new life. My oldest son, Nathan, the quiet one, has joined THE ARMY!! And I am totally okay with that. He will do his Basic training in Fort Jackson, SC. Close enough so that we can go to his graduation. Then, he will be off to California for his AIT. He has chosen linguistics- learning either Portuguese (a language that is in demand and one he can read already), Italian or Japanese.

I am so excited for him. This will give him purpose, direction and the discipline that he needs, allow him to see places that he wants to see (and some he doesn't really want to- but hey, you have to take the good with the bad), the chance to make new friends and really discover who he is.

Yay, Nathan. We are very proud of you. You have Heavenly Father on your side and with Him, all things are possible. Now go, and live your life, and enjoy the things that come your way.


Utah Grammie said...

Oh congratulations to Nathan! And, thank him form all of us- what a noble thing to do.

We had central air installed just a month or so ago- WOW - what a difference! You're right - no more individualy cooled spaces! Good for you - and how sweet of you to reward your workers- sometimes their efforts go unnoticed.
Have a fun COOL week-end!

windycorner said...

First, congratulations to Nathan for making such a wonderful choice in his life. We are all proud for you. Second, I grew up in Georgia (not far from where you live) without air conditioning, but we had an attic fan. It was a huge fan hidden behind movable louvers in the upstairs ceiling that my Daddy would turn on in the evening when the air was beginning to cool off. The cool outside air would get sucked through the windows, up through the attic and all the hot air that had accumulated in the attic during the day was blasted out vents under the eaves. The gentle hum of the fan and the cool breeze drawing through the windows would put us right to sleep. When my husband and I bought our first house in Marietta, the first thing I asked him to do was install an attic fan. We barely had to use our AC in those days when we were really watching every penny.