Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Miss Bunny Says......

"Try this scrumptious dessert!!"

And it is simple, simple. Spoon one cup of yogurt into a bowl (I use Brown Cow plain yogurt with the cream top. Delicious!) Slice two strawberries and place decoratively around the bowl. Oh, wait! That's only for pictures. Just toss them in there! Then spoon some ginger syrup, if you made it, on top of that and enjoy. Oh my goodness, it is so yummy! And good for you too.
I wonder what else ginger syrup would be good on?


Utah Grammie said...

How about a very LARGE spoon? It looks yummy enough to lick the jar clean! DId yousugar the candied ginger? Loks sooo good!
Let us know how the upside-down tomatoes do!

Charmingdesigns said...

I enjoyed reading your blog today! Laurie