Monday, June 23, 2008

Finally, Pictures!

After nearly giving up entirely, I found that I could load each picture individually with success.
Still a bit frustrating though. But, now you can see the treasures that I found during the last week. There are more yet to come. :)

Two Spode platters found at the shop off Moreland Ave. in Atlanta. $22 for both. Now that's a deal!

My birthday present to me! A cherry necklace kit and beautiful blue and white glass rings from the French General. Oh, my, I am in love with these!

The sweetest little doll bed I purchased at Dawn's yard sale. Can you not see this trimmed out with a ticking mattress stuffed with wool, tiny pillows, soft linens and an itty-bitty quilt?
Be sure to come back an see what it looks like in a few weeks.

The little sewing kit, with beautiful, softly colored thread, even tinier sewing kits and a package of perfect English needles. Sewing heaven!

My new screen door. For where? I don't know yet. But I promise it will be put to good use. Behind the door you can see the huge roll of grape vine. It looks like a big nest sitting on my porch.

Most of the linens and aprons from Dawn. Today was the perfect day to wash and hang them on the line, giving the sun every chance to whiten the whites and the breeze to soften the lot of them. I just love how they look hanging there, blowing slightly back and forth and making my back yard a most colorful spot.
Thank you so much, Dawn, for stuffing things into my hands, showing me your lovely craft room and being such a good friend. I could have stayed longer and bought more, but mostly I would have loved to just sit and chat. We must do that one day.


Elizabeth G. said...


I'm Elizabeth from Home Musings. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have read your blog quite a lot. I didn't know that you know Dawn. You are so fortunate to attend her yard sale. I love yard sales!

Keep in touch!


Anonymous said...

What great finds! I am sure they will all be put to great use. The linens and aprons on the line look lovely.
Have a good day!

Utah Grammie said...

Oh, I just love the clothes-line photo! What goodoes you have found! Now, have a great day (better than yesterdays) and thanks for the postings!

lindaharre said...

You really found some treats....YEA! What are you going to do with those glass rings? Just curious:)