Monday, April 7, 2008

Tie One On Day!

Tina has coordinated a Farmgirl Blog-a-Thon on her blog. It will last 6 weeks and will focus on all things farmgirl. You know, like chickens and aprons, gardens and self-reliance. Those types of things. Why, you may ask? Well, to give MaryJane Butters a little hoot and a holler of thanks!
She has stirred the hearts of farmgirls everywhere, giving us the courage and inspiration to create our own farms, no matter where we may live.
This week's challenge is to show your aprons. Every farmgirl of any worth has at least one, but probably more like a few dozen!

These are mine. I don't really wear them because they make me look too fluffy, and fluffy is not what I want to look like right now. So, no pics with me in my aprons. :)

Oh, they do look messy, don't they?

These beauties decorate my craft room:

The chevron striped apron is from my friend, Dawn! Can you see a hostess wearing this at a backyard summer barbecue?

Below: The cherry apron in the front is a gift from MaryJane. She gave it to me in South Carolina when I went for a Belk grand opening and she was introducing her new linen line. I never wear it because I do not want it to be ruined. Plus theres's that fluffy thing. The gift of this apron started a friendship that I hope will never end.
The stripey one underneath is a gift from another farmgirl, Kathie, when she came to my house for Craft Day with MJ. I don't wear it for the same reasons. It's just too special to me.

The tomato apron is yet another farmgirl gift, from Bev.

Do you see why I love farmgirls?! They make the best friends.

So, come visit with us, if you so choose. Join in on the fun! You will learn more that you ever thought possible from women all over the world. You'll create sweet friendships as well. And don't forget to say "Hello!" to MaryJane!


Blueball Mountain Spindle & Needle Works said...


What a great collection! I am totally green! Cute chicken house, too...


GardenGoose said...

love all your aprons girl! thanks for sharing! and I'm so glad that you joined in the blog a thon!

Utah Grammie said...

Hey, your chicken house is similar to the neighbor's one where I chicken-sit for them when they are out of town!
Love the aprons - I'll bet you don't look fluffy at all in them!

Beemoosie said...

Such a wonderful collection of aprons!!!