Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If I Draw Your Name, You Get Flora!!

No, not the real Flora! But a reasonable facsimile of my little chicken. She is not quite finished, as I have to wait for her spots to dry before I can move on. I really do not like having to wait for paint to dry, but wait I must if I want this to be perfect for its new owner.
Who knows, maybe they can hang it in their own chicken coop!

Flora in her polka dot dress, waiting in a field of strawberries. Just for you!


Utah Grammie said...

oh my heck! she is darling! you did a great job on her. lucky will be the person who gives her a new home.
colleen - typing with one hand as braxton sits in the other with a grumbly-tumbly!

Sabii Wabii said...

Pick me pick me pick me....Shes great! Looks like that hat of mine will be mailed out probably overnight

meg said...

OMG! That is sooo adorable & I have just the spot for it :-)
BTW, I love the strawberry paper in the coop- what is that round thingie hanging from the ceiling?

windycorner said...

That's as cute as it can be. Your chicken house is so beautiful it could double as a guest house. Flora is one lucky little hen.

GardenGoose said...

how very pretty!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Oh my ~ what beautiful work! I have wanted to make a quilt with a chicken that looks just like that. Now I want to paint one! LOL

You are very talented.


Anonymous said...

Chickens! Chickens! Are you some kind of nutcase. Have you no life! If you want eggs, go to the grocery store, like everyone else. Same great taste. Cost less than chicken feed and all the lumber, wire, and curtains. And the chickens aren't tortured by living in a multi-color country cottage with an on looking cat!

Archibald Heatherington Nastyface

Anonymous said...

Oh, by-the-by. Pick Me! Pick Me!