Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spring-y Surprises

Do you not just love an unexpected warm spell in the wintertime? I do. Yesterday was an absolute beauty- warm, breezy- perfect for getting out and taking a few pictures of the happy surprises in my yard.

These are some of my favorite weeds. I do not know what they are, but I cannot bear to rip them out of the ground. How cute are they? Teeny-tiny blossoms of sweetness. I prefer to rank them in the perennial category. Weed is just an insult to this little gem.

I could not get in close enough to the daffodil patch to get a good shot (maneuvering my still healing ankle into odd positions is not a good thing), so I had to pluck one to photograph. Held up against the Dwarf Alberta Spruce, this picture does not really show how tiny this blossom is. It is a miniature burst of sunshine.

What is this? An alien being parachuting down to Earth in M.C. Hammer's dance pants?

No. It is the center of this fabulous orchid blooming in my dining room window. I bought this plant last November in a yard sale for fifty-cents. And I do believe that I have received my money's worth, don't you? I had no idea what to expect from this orchid, but I was reeeally happy to see this-

On Saturday night, taking his friend home, my son felt his car beginning to shake. Thinking that he had a flat tire, he made it to his friend's house and parked the car. Trying to find the reason in the dark was fruitless. Yesterday, he and his dad attempted to drive it to the mechanic. They made it to our house. Thinking that putting the spare on would enable to get them where they needed to go yielded the true cause of the shake, rattle and no roll. The tie rod had severed. This is not what it is supposed to look like, unless you want it to be broken.

Son- "Dad, I think I know why the tire was shaking."

Dad-"Ooooooh. Yep."

You could say that the men in my family are Masters of Understatement, and you would be correct.

So, sometimes surprises are good, and sometimes they are not. I believe that I will take the good ones, thank you. The not-so-good-ones only make me wish for a pair of rose-colored glasses. And a nose that can twitch everything back to normal.

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Utah Grammie said...

You just made me snort coffee out of my nose laughing at the MC Hammer reference! You are a hoot!
The pictures are beautiful - can't wait for spring myself. We thought we were seeing some then another cold front came - soon though, I'm sure I'll be complaining about the heat. LOL
Have a great day and give a warning not to read your post while drinking coffee, OK?