Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh. So. Delish.

One of my favorite things to do (when I have the time and $$$) is to travel to A Taste of Britain in Norcross, GA. Oh, how I love that little shop! It makes me deliriously happy to step through the door and take in all things British.
After filling my basket with practical things like Bisto gravy powder, Fairy Liquid (for dishwashing) and TCP, only the best antiseptic on this planet, Hob Nobs, Cornish pasties (with the "a" sound as in as, not ace. Do not get them confused!) I head to the candy shelves. I am transported to my childhood, eyes full of wonder at the treats that lay before me.
It is chocolate heaven - Cadbury Buttons, Flake, CurlyWurly, Fingers, Dairy Milk. Oh, bliss. Aero, Turkish Delight, Licorice All Sorts. Oh, my! But this is my favorite:

A Violet Crumble bar. A crisp, whipped honey center surrounded by milk chocolate. It is "Australia's Crisp Golden Honeycomb", and as it says on the side, "It's The Way It Shatters That Matters". Amen. Who could resisit this?
There is not a drop of violet anything inside of it. The only thing violet about it is the packaging.
You have probably guessed from the picture that I have been to the shop recently. I have been meteing out small portions of treats so that they will last. Not until my next visit, mind you. That will never happen.
But, wait! It's only a 45-minute trek to that little slice of England in Georgia. Would anyone care to join me?
Not in the Atlanta area? Find a British food store in your area and go! It will be well worth the trip.


amy said...

me! me! i want to go!

Anonymous said...

Hi,Karin! I happened onto your blog today and was so excited to see you & Jim! I searched for pictures of the kids...but I have to tell you how upset I was to see that A is now 19! I knew she was but to see it in print! UGH! My girls are 21 and 15. My Grandson will be 1 on Friday...yep, I'm a Grandmother.

Hope things are going okay for you and that Jim has found a job...I think of you both so often and wish you both the best. Email me at smeis81922@aol.com

Stephanie Meissner

windycorner said...

Hi Karin,
There's a shop called British Goods about ten minutes from my house and I love to go in there. Promise I'll get a Violet Crumble next time I go.

whimseycreations said...

Oh me, me! I wanna go! My dear friend from England passed away last month and I miss her lots. Your post reminds me of all the things she used to love.