Monday, March 17, 2008

New Home

Last summer, my mother had a Charlotte move into the corner near her kitchen window. Charlotte was a large, black and yellow garden spider, a writer and a good one at that.
Now, my mother is afraid of spiders. Deathly afraid, yet she was very happy to have Charlotte move into the neighborhood. As long as there was a pane of glass between them.
This is the egg sac that Charlotte made to cradle her babies, tucked up in the corner of my parent's house. Realizing that an egg sac means thousands of baby spiders, my mom asked me to move it. Today, I did just that.
Here is the new home for Charlotte's egg sac. It is placed between the vines that wrap around the bird condominium. Can you see it, just to the left near the second doorway? ( I purposefully did not use a flash so as not to disturb the babies. I apologize for the darkness of the photo.)

Here it is close up. It is beautiful in its simplicity, a miracle of nature. Imagine something so small and fragile nestling the eggs of thousands of tiny spiders. Perfection.

In a few weeks, the babies will come out of the top of the sac and fly on the breeze with silken threads leading them to their own homes. I hope that some of them choose to stay here and create a home in my garden. There is always room for one more at my house.

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Utah Grammie said...

You're a better, braver, kinder person than me - I do not like spiders! Living in Arizona most of my life, spiders could make one very very sick - so the "appreciation" for one of God's creatures never got into my head. Well, bully for you. Enjoy them, I think?!