Saturday, March 22, 2008

Meet the Girls and a Little Giveaway!

I would like to introduce you to the latest additions to the S family brood:
This is Flora,


And the littlest one.............

She does not have a name yet, and that is where the giveaway portion of this post comes in!! This shot shows her personality- feisty, sweet, curious. A natural beauty in every way. But she is nameless and that's a sad, sad thing.

So, put on your thinking caps, leave a name in a comment to this post and on Friday of next week, I will draw a name out of my big, yellow bowl and dub this tiny chickie with whatever name is on the paper.

I will post a peek of the prize next week. (Because I don't have it all together yet.)

The Farmer's Husband is not too thrilled with the new residents, but he'll get over it. He always does. Besides, he did not have tell me that my friend, Christine, had called to let me know the chicks had hatched. Did he? Nope.

But I just love them to bits. And while I think that my gals have exquisite natural beauty, I want you to take a gander at these:

Not a natural beauty in the bunch, wouldn't you say?

This is what they were selling at the feed store. The man there was quite apologetic and explained that when he ordered chicks this year he was a bit late, and so this is what they had available. They won't stay this way forever, but for Easter they're kind of cute.

Sort of.

Anyhoo- Don't forget to leave your name for the tiniest chick! She's feeling a bit left out.


GardenGoose said...

since most of the gals have names that start with M how about Mabel?
congrats on the new baby chicks.

GardenGoose said...

p.s. make sure you handle your little gals daily to get them used to you.they like cuddle times.:0)and it will assure you that they will come when called and allow you to pick them up if needed.

Jen r. said...

Oh, I love the baby chicks! I wish we could have chickens here. I would love to have fresh eggs...Thanks for stopping by and giving me advice about ETSY.Good Luck!
How about Mirabelle? :)
Jen R

Maryjane said...

Karin, I love your new little chick! Those colored ones are so colorful!!!! Cute! Love your blog as always. Made some Bird Nest rice krispie treats! Pics on my blog. Hugs, Maryjane Lee #44

ikkinlala said...

Those dyed chicks are kind of cute... but kind of creepy! I hope the dye didn't hurt them.

For the littlest chick's name, how about Madeline?

For Love of Home said...

How about Pickle? That is what came to me right away.

Aunt Jenny said...

How about Chiquita?? I think it must mean something like little chick, and sounds a little sassy.
They are all adorable!!
Happy Easter!!

mima said...

I think you should name her Mary Jane Butters!!!! Call her MJ! A homage to the amazing woman who brought this whole amazing farmgirl life to life!!! Love ya cutie!

Anonymous said...

I bet DH is thrilled to say the least. How about Eugenia for the fiesty little dear. Jellyq

pumpkin seed said...

how about "sprout" because little sprouts are tiny but they grow into big beautiful plants because they have the biggest personalities!

Utah Grammie said...

I love the little chickies! How about the name "Dot" ? not too mcuh is smaller than a dot, ya know!
Love them all -

jeannie said...

When I saw her, I immediately thought of Lizzie. She looks like a Lizzie to me. So sweet!

amy said...

oh they are so cute! how about millie for the little girl?