Monday, March 24, 2008

It All Started As a Peaceful Afternoon

After a lovely Easter sacrament meeting at church, we came home to finish up our offerings for dinner at our friend's house. #2 son and Dear Daughter did not want to join us. (Sadness.) Instead, #2 son wanted to sleep. Or so he said.
He had been out of sorts all day, so a nap was probably in order. We left him with his sister and went off to enjoy dinner.
Just after finishing our dinner, the phone rang. It was my dad, calling to tell us that #2 had driven the van into the house. WHAT!!!???
Racing home, we pulled up to the house to see that he had driven the van up under the front porch.
His sister had gone to a friend's house, and left to his own devices, #2 thought a self-taught driving lesson was in order. Not a good idea. Our neighbor saw the whole ordeal and notified my parents, who called us.
This is what happens when your 21 year-old disabled son get a hold of your car keys-

This is our neighbor, Ed, securing the car jack under the post to elevate the porch off of the van.

As you can see, he was very, very fortunate. He could have been killed. But, all he got was a tiny scratch on his hand. Mind you, I spent more than a few minutes planning his demise.

I am sure that this will become the story that will be told around the dinner table for years to come. "Do you remember that Easter when JA drove the van up under the porch? hahahahaha That was hilarious!" But that will be much, much later.

In the meantime, we are trying to come to grips with the fact that:

a. #2 cannot be left to his own devices.

b. #2 is thinking like a normal young adult and, consequently,

c. #2 cannot be trusted. Ever.

I hope that your Easter Sunday was much more calm and uneventful.


Utah Grammie said...

Oh, I am so sorry! But, we have to be thankful that he's OK - like you said, it could have been MUCH worse!

Time will let you laugh at this - but give it time. And time will give you lots of opportunity to plan his demise! lol

Thinking about you and hoping you have a MUCH better day today!

whimseycreations said...

OMG Karin - I couldn't help but laugh. You have quite a way with words. Reminds me of when I was trying to teach Lisa to drive and she came up the driveway mighty fast with me yelling "brake it, brake it, brake it" as we were fast heading for the garage door!

GardenGoose said...

glad that your son was not hurt. so sorry you had to go through this. hope that the van did not sustain too much damage.
time to hide the keys, just hopefully not from yourself.
maybe he'd do better with a moped or electric bike?

lindaharre said...

OMG.......Thank goodness he is to figure out how to keep under your thumb in the future:) We all have a few of these dinner stories........I know I do! ha ha

amy said...

all i can say is oh my goodness!!!!

Nan - said...

Very scary, and I'm sure you are more upset than you wrote. Thank God he is alright.