Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring

You probably have this sentiment running through your brain right now- "What was she thinking? An ugly little peat pot with a sickly white bean in the center sending up an even sicklier white tendril. That's her picture for Spring?"

Yes, that is my picture for the first day of Spring. Why? For these reasons:
1. It is a hopeful picture. That bean seed, though small and insignificant, will send up more tendrils and leaves, and then more again, and soon will be a plant larger than me. Relate that to us and you find that we all contain a seed of greatness within ourselves. We just have to nurture and tend to that part that will make us grow into a thing of beauty and productivity.
2. It is the essence of Spring itself. The season of renewal and new growth, it reminds us of the things we can accomplish. The saying, "Bloom where you are planted.", is a perfect quote for today. Dig in your heels and begin.
3. It is gentle. The process that this little bean seed is going through takes time and patience. It knows when and why it needs to move on to the next step and does not hurry itself along. It is certain and sure that what is supposed to happen, will. No matter how long it takes. And it doesn't care one single bit that the seed next door has its little green leaves already. Exercising patience is something that I need to do more of.
4. It is bounteous. Well, maybe not yet, but it is the beginning of something bigger. In this case, my garden. It will join other plants that are being started in my dining room window, and be placed in the ground in a few weeks time. During the summer, this little seed and its cousins will feed my family. It is a true collaboration for a greater good. Is that not what we do here; encouraging and uplifting each other to the point that we are all brimming with a bounty of ideas, feeding our confidence and creating fertile soil from which things of beauty and usefulness spring?
So, that is why I chose this picture. I think it shows great beauty, potential and strength.
I love that little seed.

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The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Karin. This post is beautiful to, so true and your precious bean is beautiful as well. It is a promise of good things to come, with care, nurturing and love!! I'm so very glad that you're getting your wonderful raised beds ~ you're gonna have so much good stuff!!! xxoo, Dawn