Thursday, March 6, 2008

Eeeeeevil Dog

This is Rilo.

You would not think that a face like that could possibly be evil, would you? But it is. Trust me on this one. Looks are definitely deceiving in this case. Beneath that fluffy exterior lies a heart of pure mischief. Lulling you into a false sense of security with his cuteness, he times the reveal of his evilness with pinpoint perfection. And it comes at the most inopportune moments for the unsuspecting victim.
Rilo came from a yard sale. Yes, I know- what can't you get at them? My friend got his brother, whom she named Haldir. (For the elf in The Lord of the Rings. You know, he's the one who was whacked in the back of the head with an axe by an Ork in The Two Towers. I hate that part because I really like Haldir. The elf. Not so much the dog.)
Do you see that smile on his face in the picture? That's because he just scared the heck out of me.
I am certain that he does it on purpose, as though to say, "Pay attention to me!! Stop reading those silly blogs and get down on the floor and play! Now!!"
How did he do this, you ask? With an ear-piercing, earth-shattering bark. At nothing. It rips through the silence like a cat fight, fur flying and everything. How do you bark at nothing? Frantic, shrill, it fills the room and shakes my bones. And for what? For the pure pleasure of being evil.
"Hahaha. It is working. My evil plan is coming together. As soon as I render this woman helpless, I will be able to eat all of the trash I want!" I can fairly see his little paws rubbing together.
Lest you think that I do not like this dog, he does have his redeeming qualities. Like that smile. Especially when he shows his tiny teeth. Hilarious. I cannot help but laugh when I see it. '
And of course, there are the hugs. When he was a puppy, I taught him to give hugs by sitting him in my lap, patting my shoulder and saying, "Give a hug." and he would rest his head on me. To this day, if I want love and attention from him, I just ask for a hug. And he gets one in return, with a little piece of cheese.
But for the most part, he is bad-to-the-bone evil, with a little twist of sweetness.
It's that little twist that gets me every time.
On another note, we will be calling my husband "Postman Jim" starting the 17th of March!! Yay for the US Postal Service for seeing the good things about him and hiring him jiffy quick.
But, I have to say that, while I am ecstatically happy for him, I am a bit sad as well. We have had the best time together over these past few weeks. Travelling here and there, grocery shopping, cleaning the attic out, finding new places for lunch, digging out the garden, watching Matlock reruns. We have never, in 26 years, had time like this. And now it is almost over. But I am grateful for it nonetheless. So, for the next week or so, I am taking advantage and making sure that we squeeze in as much fun as we can.
And some Spring cleaning as well. ;)


The Feathered Nest said...

Yaaaaaaay!!! Karin I'm so very happy for Jim!!! That's such great news and what a blessing....I'm glad that you've been able to have some fun together though ~ I hear you have some moola at the store!!!! You go girl! xxoo, Dawn

regina barnett said...

What a cute Dog. I know about though evil dogs. I have one...evil and sweet at the same time. How does that work. LOL

Utah Grammie said...

Your dog should meet my dog Lulu. I think they were cut from the same cloth!
A mailman? Oh La La! Now you can say he really "delivers" hahhahaha!
You know what they all say about a 'man in uniform', don't you?? Irrisistalbe!
Enjoy the time you have him all to youself. Sounds like you two have a wonderful marriage.


Kim said...

I am glad for hubby and you. I lost my 16 yr old bordercollie last March, and haven't replaced her yet. She (like all BCs) needed lots of attention to keep her out of trouble. Once she set off halfcocked mousetraps with a wooden spoon to get to cooling tarts! How clever is that! Cherish your boy, I miss mine so. Fondly, Kim

Lady Em said...

Your dog is so funny!! My dogs are like that to! One barks at me, one bites me, and one jumps all over me when they want attention. Congratulations on your husband's new job!!