Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Card Bases and Our Old Man (Dog)

Behold, another card base, this time for Princes large and small. The nice thing is, you can change the words inside to accommodate anyone. I love that freedom of being able to choose what I say.
And yes, he is dangling that poor Scotty dog in midair. He is supposed to be a sweet lad playing with a toy, and not some masochistic animal maimer.

This one is the base for an anniversary card. Or Valentine's Day, or for anytime you want to tell someone how much you love them. I love the patchiness of it. Just like the layers of a good, solid relationship. :)

This is our dog, Bentley. He will turn 10 in a few weeks. That's 70 in dog years. You can see the wages of time in his graying hairs and failing eyes.

He has taken to sleeping on my treadmill lately. Not exactly what it was designed for, but, hey, it works for him. Problem is, when I want to get on and walk for my fifteen minutes at a snail's pace, he gives me a look that says, "Excuse me?"

I love this dog. He is the dog of my dreams. Really. He came to us quite unexpectedly. My DH and I had taken our children to PetsMart to get fish food , and when we came out there was a woman pushing a cart full of puppies and aiming right for us!! My hubby ran for the car with JA leaving me with Nate, who ran right for the pups.

In the cart were six Golden Retriever-Chow mix puppies, all boys. Balls of fluff and sweetness, every single one of them. But Bentley, the one who came home with us, was the sweetest of all. Lifting himself up on the side of the cart, he pushed his nose against Nate and that was the proverbial all-she-wrote.

The puppies had been born in the woods behind the woman's house, during a heavy thunderstorm. She lived about a quarter of a mile away from our house. The mother dog was a stray who had somehow found a hole in the fence and came in to find a small area that was protected from the storm. Six little puppies were born under horrible circumstances. His coming home with us must have been destiny.

Pleading eyes looked up at me and all I could muster was, "Go ask Dad." I am helpless in a situation like that. I am a total push-over. Mush. And every animal that we have ever had has sensed it immediately.

Coming back from his conversation with his father, Nate informed me that, "Dad said it's okay."

"Really? Wow, that's a surprise." And that is how Bentley came home with us.

Walking towards the car, I saw my husband shaking his head. Opening the door found him muttering in disbelief. Apparently the lines of communication were not very clear and Nate decided to give his own interpretation to the intermittent static. Hmmm. It was too late now.

At the time Bentley came home with us, we had four brand new kittens. Babies were abounding in our little house. For the first six months of his life here, he used a litter box. I believe he still thinks he's part cat.

If dogs can possess human qualities, then Bentley has them all. Friendly, nurturing, compassionate, protective- the list goes on.

I also believe that he came with a built-in signal that attracts the lost and forlorn in the animal kingdom. I believe this because over the years, he has brought home strays, knowing that when they arrived, they would not be turned away. While not all of them have stayed with us, they have found good homes. We were just a spring-board towards future happiness.

"Come with me, my mom will take care of you. I promise. She will resist at first, but she gives in. Every time. Trust me on this. You are going to love it at my house." And yes, I resist and then cave like an ice house in Miami.

This old fellow has been beside us through many adventures. I hate to think of a time when he will not be here, so I don't. But it nags at me every now and then and makes me sad, because I know that there is no other dog like him. Anywhere.

I need to go give him a hug now. And a piece of cheese.


Utah Grammie said...

What a lovely tribute to your wonderful friend! My dogs have given me so mcuh and to think they come to us at just the most unexpected times, but times when we really need them in our lives - Bless them all...

whimseycreations said...

Aw you have me with tears in my eyes. You KNOW how much I love dogs since I have three - even though I think one of them might be a giant termite! LOL Bentley looks like a sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I just love looking at your cards and the story of Bentley. I get so attached to all my animal friends too. Thanks for visiting my site.

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

Mine is Oscar. Of course he is a weiner dog that was suppose to be with me only long enough for the kids to get a place. We bought him back from Alaska...he was about 3 when the kids got him and I have had him 11 years. He has a hump in his back (common among the breed) a total white face and little short white feet. He looks like he has sock on...he have come close to loosing him several times (because of his Back) and when that happens not sure I will get another....such a good friend..my little Oscar

For Love of Home said...

Oh Karin, I love Bently!