Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

I have been tagged twice in the past week, and I feel awful that I have not listed my Seven Unknown (Wierd) Things. Two of my farmgirl sisters are the culprits- Amy, from Life in Kansas, and Tina, from The Garden Goose. Thank you, girls.
Okay, here goes:

1. I am a toad killer. When I was younger, my brother and I found dozens of baby toads in the field next to our house. We got a box, filled it with grass and a small dish of water and observed them for an entire morning. Leaving them in the box, tucked up against the back of the house for protection, we went off to play for the rest of the day. Coming back to the box, we found, to our horror, dozens of dehydrated, dead toads. They had baked in the sun. We never did that again.

2. When I was 10, my friend Patty and I did something completely unexplainable. It must have been because it was summer and we were bored. One afternoon, I went in the house and got a large pitcher of water and a bar of Dial soap. Patty and I went to the side of my house, wet our hair and soaped it up with Dial. We each shaped our hair into odd shapes (sticking up all over our heads) and, this is the unexplainable part, we ran up to the stone wall next to the road and scared drivers as they passed by. I wonder what they thought of two ten-year-old girls with soapy, stick-up hair waving their arms madly at them? I hope I never find out.

3. I would love to be a grandmother. And I don't want to be an old grandma, I want to have fun with my grandchildren! I do not want to be the grandma that sits in the rocking chair with a withered finger poking at them saying, "Come closer, I can't see you.", and scare the heck out of them.

4. I love Boston Baked Beans. The candy ones. Yum!! I eat them until my mouth turns red and I have a tummy ache from all that sugar.

5. I love oatmeal, with brown sugar and bananas, for breakfast. I could eat it every day. That's how much I love it. :)

6. I have not wallpapered my craft room with that fabulous Cath Kidston wallpaper my children gave me on my birthday last year. I cannot bear to cut into it. How silly is that?

7. I collect rocks. Not just any rocks, but rocks from places that I visit. They're cheap (free), small and I can put them in a jar and look at them and remember where I have been.

Ok. There they are, seven more things you probably did not want to know about me.

I am going to make my tags later. I am off for a full day of visiting, creating and going to see my dad at the hospital. But that is another story for later. He's ok, we think. The adventure never stops!

'Til later!

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Cindy @ For Love of Home

Five is going to have to be enough!


For Love of Home said...

Oh I want to really tell things weird about me? Maybe I can tell the normal stuff since most of the time I am weird.

MNScrapbookmom said...

I love every one that you shared. ¥

Beverly said...

Hey there farmgirl....loved reading your weird things!! Glad we carry a part of our inner child with us throughout life. So, when is the last time you shaped your hair while it was soaped up????? We should all try it!!!

lindaharre said...

I am going to visit some of your favs as soon as I complete this letter:D Thanks for visiting.....and....yes, it is loads of fun and enjoyable at the same time! Bartering has always been a fascinating concept to me anyway! There is so much I have to offer in the way of "physical energy" (I am very lucky that way....LOL) I become overwhelmed when a project is too big though! This is the best of both worlds:D

GardenGoose said...

loved reading these. the soapy hair made me laugh out loud..I can totally see that! LOL
am inviting you also to stop by my blog for my latest give away. I hope you'll come join in.

日月神教-向左使 said...