Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sweet Treat

This is my recipe page for Beth and Karla's Sweet Treats and Roses Swap. I apologize for the horrible picture. I had to scan it as I am still cameraless. (Insert great sigh of despair here.)
As I chose to submit a recipe for Gateau au Chocolat, a French chocolate cake, I tried to make my page look as French as possible. I think it might be a miss.
I printed my recipe out twice in my chosen font and applied each copy to a hand-stamped background. Then I added the ribbon trim and scanned the page. The button trim and stamped bird border were added after the fact.
I rather like the look. The background reminds me of an old-fashioned brocade curtain.
I cannot wait to see the completed cookbook, with the incredible covers that Beth and Karla have made for us and the tags that each of us has made.
On the ankle front, things are looking up!! The swelling has gone down, I only use the crutches to pad to the bathroon during the night and the bruises are disappearing. I feel so much better in fact, that I am going to an estate sale on Friday. I am either very brave or very silly. I'll let you know which when I return.