Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Making Laundry Day More Pleasant

I've been making these clothes pins for a while now.
They make great gifts and are quick and easy to do.

Each one is stamped with a word that describes laundry day. Good or bad.

The backs have a sweet vine stamped on them.
Then all sides are clear-coated with acrylic spray and package in small muslin bags, six to a bag.
I use them for all sorts of thing other than laundry. They close bags of chips, hold papers together on my desk, hang pictures up in my craft room. Plain pins can do the same things of course, but why would you want plain when you can use these?


The Feathered Nest said...

I love them!! Embellishing the everyday to bring a smile! They're wonderful, Karin ~ xxoo, Dawn

smoothiejuice said...

oh i love your beautiful clothespins. I use them everyday and they make me smile. you are such a wonderful artist and person. i love the pins in this pic...so cute.

For Love of Home said...

These clothe pins are so darn cute, they would make the sweetest gift for someone and to cover any occasion, not just wash day.

Amy Ellen said...

Oh my gosh those are so cute!!! I may have to make some like this for myself. I would not have thought of that!!! Also I will give a prayer about the job situation. I understand about the sudden laying of stuff. I know sometimes it happens, but boy you would think companies could be nicer about the way they did it.

Also you have been tagged, if you care to play along please check out my blog and read the rules.


lindaharre said...

These are darling.......I made some and put rhinestones on them for use in my studio! Clothes pins are TOO COOL! They have a million uses! Thanks for visiting and your sweet words. I really appreciate each and every comment:D hugs, Linda