Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Could Not Wait

I had to share what I finished today. This is the hexagonal medallion from MaryJane's Stitching Room book (pg. 73). Her mother used to make these and according to MaryJane, they have magical powers. I believe her.
It looks very complicated to make but in reality, it is easy-peasey. Just chains and triple crochets. Lots of them.
The magic comes in the form of wonder as you take trips around and out from the center circle seven times and watch the shape unfold before your eyes. Just don't look at the mistakes. :)

I see lots of fun projects being made from these. Beautiful projects made into gifts for all sorts of occasions. Or maybe to keep.
If you like to crochet, you need to make these. If you don't yet know how, this medallion would be a good reason to learn. Trust me. If I can make one, you can too!


Heather Graves said...

It looks Beautiful! My G'ma had some on her couch, I used to take them off and run around with them. Thanks for the memory :)

smoothiejuice said...

okay well, you have inspired me to try some more stuff from the book! She makes everything look complex, but really it is not. I am so glad you made that, it is so delicate looking...I will be curious to see what else you come up with from this! Cheers...jess

Katie said...

Very impressive! I am not an expert crocheter -- only a few dishcloths and a few scarves so far. This is very tempting to try . . . only if you promise that it is easy.

I love the little bobble you made out of the broken eyeglasses. Too creative!

Senior Bowler said...

My Mother could crochet beautiful dollies for the furniture and the table. She would make these huge ones for the table and starch them with heavy starch...while they were still wet she would drap them over 6 oz coke bottles...showing my age huh..that created a scallop pattern on the table....so wish she had taught me. Now she shakes to bad to hold the needles.

She made me a bedspread...gorgeous

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

really pretty!!! you did a great job .

GardenGoose said...

so very pretty!