Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hoppy New Year

This is not a reference to Hoppin' John, the popular New Year's day dish here in the South. No, it is a reference to Hoppin' Karin, who somehow either severely sprained or broke my ankle yesterday.
How did this happen?! I went here:

To the historical Oakland Cemetary in Atlanta. My brother and I thought a nice walk through the cemetary and taking a few pictures would be a great way to start the new year.

And for a while, it was.
Parts of this cemetary are so beautiful they take your breath away. Like a small city, monuments and mausoleums rise up above the ground, a testament to the love of their family and the wealth the deceased possessed.

The ironwork in Oakland is exquisite. Filigreed and aged, it stands guard over small, family plots.

The statuary, sublime, softened by years of exposure to the elements. There is such emotion and life found here in this most unlikely place.

Not long after taking the above picture, I fell from a wall, rolled my left ankle in a culvert and landed unceremoniously on my backside in the roadway. My foot immediately began to swell up like a balloon. My brother went to get the truck (I hope he took some more shots on the way.) and I waited, my leg propped on the wall I had just fallen from. A quick call to my husband and we were off to the hospital where we sat for five hours.

I now have a rather large splint on my leg and orders to see an ortho this week to be reexamined to determine if I have a hairline fracture or not. Apparently my foot was much too swollen to tell from the original. Oh joy, oh rapture.

Nothing chips at your ego like doing something silly, and I sure did that yesterday. I would show you a picture of my big, fat foot, but my camera flew through the air like a trapeze artist and landed on a monument, bouncing back onto the soft grass. It has gone to its great reward I think. Above all else, that is the saddest thing to me. I feel as though I have lost my best friend.

Ah, well, that's the way things go sometimes. Hopefully the remainder of the year will go a bit more smoothly. Hopefully.


amy said...

ooh, so sorry about your ankle! ouch! i hope you feel better soon. if you are not hesitant about visiting cemetaries now, you should definitely check out westview cemetary (it is also off of 1-20, near ralph david abernathy). it is beautiful. joel chandler harris of the uncle remus stories is buried there. i love looking at the names. there are so many great story character names.

whimseycreations said...

Oh no Karin! NO NO NO. I've always wanted to go there and although I've lived here since 1969 have never made it even once. Maybe that will be a New Year's resolution - to go this year. But I won't be climbing on walls! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you girlfriend. Hugs!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Karin!! I hope you haven't broken it! I do stuff like that all the time...I'm just so sorry it happened...the trip to the emergency room was probably more painful that the ankle!! I hope it's just a sprain though...take good care of yourself, OK? Let us know...xxoo, Dawn

tongue in cheek said...

May the New Year bring you an abundance of joy.

There is a cementery in Paris called Pere Lachaise that is stunningly beautiful, when I read your post I thought of it.

windycorner said...

Oh Karin-what a day! The insult to injury was the loss of your camera. Thank goodness you came away with some priceless photos. You know what they say-one day you'll look back on this day and laugh. Get better!