Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Floating, Swirling & Falling Gently

We have snow. Beautiful, soft flakes quietly turning things white.
These are the type of winter days we hope for here in the South. They come all too rarely lately, so the minute a flake falls, excitement fills the air.
We will be staying in, tucked up in our warm house, watching movies and playing games as long as it continues. Like I said, this is a rare occurence and you do not want to be on the roads with drivers who think they can steer through anything.
Nor do you want to go to the grocery store, because everyone else will be there, clearing the shelves of milk, bread and every snack food known to man. I'm not sure why. Tomorrow it will be back to the same old weather. How much can one eat in a day?
Nope. We are staying in. Unless we get enough to make a miniature snowman, of course.


Kim said...

Around here, if it starts snowing you can almost hear the newsfolf crying out to abandon your cars NOW. I grew up in Germany, Chicago and Nebraska, and a little snow is just so pretty to me. Sigh, no one else here seems to enjoy it...Kim G

Betty Jo said...

Hi Karin,
Just followed your link from Pixie Wood. You have a lovely blog and I love your "About Me". We have a smidgen of snow too. Looks like someone sprinkled powdered sugar all around. I'm off to look 'round a bit more. xoxo

Utah Grammie said...

Beautiful white lovely snow - until you have to drive in it! I still pray and white-knuckle to where ever I have to go! Enjoy staying in - that's the very best place to be - and don't blink - you might miss it!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Snow here also. Not very rare up north here though -)

lindaharre said...

Aren't people funny:D I know what you mean and we get some snow every year......but still, the grocery store lot is packed the night before we are expecting....LOL! Thanks for visiting and posting a comment. It really means alot!