Wednesday, December 19, 2007


File this under the Things-Your-Children-Do-That-Make-You-Want-To-Tell-People-They-Are-Not-Yours tab.
In a moment of idiocy, my son agreed to let his roommate cut his hair in any style he wanted, in exchange for said roommate's having to wear a bowl cut (like Moe from the Three Stooges) for a week.
So here is my handsome son, looking a bit like the Mayor of Munchkinland, on a bad day.
(Has it clicked in anyone's mind yet that we are in the holiday season? The time of year when families gather and take pictures!!)

His beard is cut in the Olde English style. "It looks pretty cool, huh Mom?" Let me not delude you. "No. No it doesn't."

After telling me that he received a few strange looks as he was driving down the highway, I could totally understand. You can't seeing the stripes on the side of his head or the "N" just above his right ear. Yup. I would have looked at him strangely as well. In fact, I probably would have thought that Tim Burton was in town filming yet another movie oddity and that he was an extra (terrestrial). Thank goodness he was heading home last night to correct this incredible misjudgement of hair-raising hair-style.
Wait! How do you correct something so severe? Oh. By shaving your head, that's how. Could it get any worse? Correcting a bowl cut, where there is hair to play with is one thing. But correcting the hair on an escapee from Oz is totally another.

So, I will be taking my children to see their grandmother on Christmas Eve with one of them looking like he recently was released from an interrment camp. Maybe if he dresses in a green suit and yellow tights we can convince her that he is playing "Elf" in a local production.

Honestly. It makes a mother so proud.


kristi.bennett said...

my oldest is only 6, with 2 younger brothers (one of whom is 4 1/2), but i can already see them scheming together to do something along these lines...oh the joys!

Denise said...

Thanks for the chuckle this morning! Happy Holidays!

The Feathered Nest said...

buaaaahhhhhh!!! Well, let's just say, as a mother of five sons, I have had experience with this. One thanksgiving my middle son had BLUE hair. Then another time he had a FAUXHAWK, what is that you ask? Trust me, you just don't want to know. Thank goodness we're down to normal looking hair now. Of course, what really is normal?? Grin and bear it, mom.....much love, Dawn!

For Love of Home said...

Oh Karin, this is just to funny. Even with the goofy cut, his handsomeness (is this a word?) still shows through. Never a dull moment that is for sure.
When Corey was about 14 he shaved his entire head like a soldier dyed blond with the exception of about 10 strands of hair dyed black shooting down the center of his face to his chin. I had to take him to the mall for school shopping. Yikes

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHA! omg that is soo funny! I think the elf idea is a keeper!!!

mima said...

Karin!! You are the best writer in the world!!! You crack me up!!! Gotta love those wacky kids!!! We've had piercings and a few tatoos!!! Ah youth is wasted on the young! Too funny! Hey! How old is he? Nice looking! I have a single daughter!!!!LOL!

madrekarin said...

He's 25. Going on 13. Shall I send him out there? ha ha

whimseycreations said...

Oh Lordy Karin, I was laughing out loud at this one! Remind me to tell you the story of Lisa's green hair one day. LOL