Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sweet Gifts

Yesterday was a good mail day. I received Christmas cards from old friends, filling me in on what their families have been up to in 2007, and two packages from Bloglandia friends!

First came my package from Susan, which contained the cd I won from her blog! How cool is that? I happen to like all kinds of music and this is really very good. Titled What Hides Inside, it is by Sons of William. On my way home from taking JA to work, I was a rockin' mom. ha ha
I am also taking Susan's recommendation and watching a Christmas movie a day. I don't always get TV rights at night, but during the day, it is mine. All mine. My family has to be in the mood for a movie, but me- I'm game any old time.
Nothing like a good movie to get you in the Christmas spirit. Especially when the weather is seventy-six degrees outside. Hardly conducive to thoughts of caroling, hot cocoa and a cozy fireside.
The second package came from Becky, and contained the most darling bird, hand-crafted no less, with tiny feathers for her wings and tail. It must be a her, because she is so darn cute. Along with the bird was a sweet tag. I have a thing for tags. I just cannot bear to throw away something that was made with care. So, I have a pin in my craft room upon which I hang all the lovely handmade goodness that these tags are.
All of this for letting each of you know about a giveaway she was holding. Boy, am I a slacker. I will forever follow Becky's example and repay in kind for all future giveaways.
Thank you, girls! I am over-the-moon grateful for your thoughtfulness.

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The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Karin! I love your goodies! I received my little birdie from Becky yesterday too! I do hope you're feeling better. My middle son has been battling strep throat...yuck! Moms just don't have time to be sick, do they? xxoo, Dawn