Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

I spent a small portion of the afternoon in the delightful company of Dawn today. We went to the square in McDonough. It is quintessential small town Christmas there at the moment.
In the center of the square is a small park, decorated with larger-than-life ornaments, a dazzling Christmas tree and Santa's sleigh pulled by white twig reindeer. It is magical.
Lunch was superb, as lunch at PJ's always is. We each chose salads, presumably to help our figures. But in my case, it's so I can fill my tummy with yummy party food tomorrow night at the first Christmas gathering of the season.
It was as though we sat and picked up where a conversation left off. Do you ever have that happen? We only met at the beginning of the summer, but it feels like we have been friends forever. I love that kind of connection.
Dawn brought my Pay It Forward gift with her, packaged simply but elegantly, in a brown paper sack decorated with sheet music and bits of greenery. Tucked inside were these:

A sweet rag ball, aged to perfection, sprinkled with glitter and trimmed with a ribbon, tag and tinkling bell; a vintage postcard (a copy- how smart) encased in glass and soldered by Dawn. I have to learn how to do that! And the small charm ornament has the most impish little Kewpies on one side that make me smile. She even stamped the muslin bag the postcard came in. Details, details. Nothing escapes her.
One cannot go to the square without getting in a little shopping, so off to The Plum Tree we went. I can always find something there, and today was no different. Dawn had little sections of an old playpen in her room, and I just know I can do something with them, so home they came with me. Some altered tags and a few vintage Christmas postcards, and I have the makings of some sweet presents.
Thank you, Dawn, for such a sweet gift, good company and a really nice afternoon.


The Feathered Nest said...

I had such a good time, Karin!! Let's do it again soon but this time we'll go through the drive-thru and head to one of those cool stores you told me about, OK?? xxoo, Dawn

Felicia said...

I love small town square decorations. It always seems like the epitome of the Christmas spirit :)

KreativeMix said...

these are pretty!!

Lee W. said...

oo- so jealous of your lunch with Dawn and shopping at the store!