Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ho, Ho, Ohhhhhhhhhh.

I started putting up Christmas decorations yesterday. I got a late start, but not as late as last year. Halfway through I started not feeling well.
I noticed this when I reached in a container to get the greens from the bottom. I'm pretty sure that when I came up my face was the same color as the branches. Blecch.
Have you ever wondered how many times a day you bend over? I never really thought of it before yesterday. But, around mid-afternoon, each time I did, I was overcome with waves of nausea. Oh, joy. Oh, rapture.
So, I would decorate a bit, then sit down. Decorate. Sit down. Decorate. Sit down. It took me a very long time to get things done. But, done they are.

This is the S Family advent calendar. On each little square is a picture of someone in our family. Hmmm. What's this? I spy me ex-brother-in-law on day 5. I need to change that, methinks.

In the background are pieces of family ephemera- my grandparents wedding invitation; the newspaper article about my dad's enlistment; the hospital card from when I was born; the photograph of our entire family, with my grandparents, at the Merrimac Christmas Parade, which my grandmother started. It is all muted back with ivory-colored tissue paper.

I love this calendar. Each picture brings fond memories right to the forefront, where they should be.

The snowman collection, keeping guard over the living room windows. Beware any who enter here. You will be pelted with hundreds of miniature snowballs.

Don't believe me? Just try it.

A little cozy cottage for the Borrowers that live at my house.

Yes. Yes they do.

Because every kitchen needs gingerbread, in any way, shape or form.

I probably should have moved the pants drying on the back of the chair before I took this. :(

You know, looking at it now, in these pictures, it doesn't look like a lot of work. Drat. I was hoping it would look like I spent days on end, just to make it worth feeling horrible the entire time.


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

The Borrowers live at your house? Oh I love it. I wish they lived at mine. Then I wouldn't have to wipe the crumbs up, they'd have taken them. I wouldn't feel guilty throwing away food, I'd just leave it on the counter and the next morning throw away what they didn't want. And you have snowmen who pelt people with snow balls. It must be neverending fun at your house.

Lee W. said...

The Borrowers! You lucky girl. I think mine are just mice... Sorry your're feeling badly, but your house looks nice.

For Love of Home said...

I hope you are feeling better! You did very well considering you were not feeling well. This just shows you that we women push ourselves too much sometimes. Your house looks very festive, and I love the advent calendar, what a great idea. I think I could even get creative enough to make one of those.

Utah Grammie said...

Are you kiddin' me? The house looks great! All I have done is to get all the boxes of decorations out!

Dear, dear hubby asked "I thought we were paring DOWN this year?"

Me: hahahhahhaha! This IS paring-down!

SO, Ok the next few days will be cleaning, decorating, making candy - we're having an open house on Saturday...wanna come?? We'd love to have ya!

Teacher -n- Training said...

Looks beautiful! I love the wreaths hanging on the windows. Hope you're feeling better! I love the advent calendar. It's so personal and great!

mima said...

Oh my gosh Karin!!! love your home! Someday I'm coming for a visit! Miss you Farmgirl Sista!! Hope all is well and your feeling better! Hope that nausea isn't going to make you Mum of 4!!!!!!! LOL!Hugs! Debi