Saturday, December 15, 2007

Beauty Everywhere

Last night I did something that reminded me of when I was a little girl sitting in the back of my father's big, black Buick sedan with my brothers.
Each Christmas, we would travel to Merrimac, Mass. to see my grandparents. They lived about an hour and a half north of us, so the ride to and from was filled with different games and such designed to entertain three (at the time) small children.

This is my grandparent's house, on 90 East Main St. It was a magical place, filled
to the brim with all sorts of things to spark a young girl's imagination.

What I did last night immediately transported me back to one particular Christmas trip. I am sure that you are wondering what I could possibly have done to bring back such a distant memory. Right?
Well, to satisfy your curiosity, I will divulge my secret- I squinched my eyes up and turned all of the lights around me into Christmas stars. I'm magic, I tell you.

I will share with you exactly how I discovered my talent. Leaning up against the back seat of the Buick, I could see the stream of traffic travelling with us, as well as the cars going in the opposite direction down the highway.

Having just spent hours looking at Grammy and Grampa's sparkling aluminum tree, with its perfectly aimed color wheel spinning below it, changing it from silver, to red ,to green, to blue, to yellow, I just knew I could make the lights before me change as well. So, I squinched up my eyes and did just that. (In case you are wondering, squinched is the correct term for the action of closing your eyes tightly together, creating the barest sliver of visibility.) The result of squinching is absolutely transforming. In that blur of eyelashes and tears is a sight so beautiful, it takes your breath away.

Floating orbs of light immediately change before your eyes into celestial beings. Bound together, by the fact that you are seeing things a bit cross-eyed, car headlights and tailights look like a twining candy cane. It is a sight of whimsy and hope.

My time sitting in traffic last night was clearly worth every minute. Along Highway 138, Christmas stars twisted along the roadway. Every now and then, one or two would dart away, leaving to become a wish for some small child, I am certain.

The next time you are stuck in traffic, bemoaning the fact that you are not where you want to be when you want to be there, pretend you are seven. Squinch your eyes together. Change your perspective. Create magic.


For Love of Home said...

Karin, I too squinch my eyes like that however I also cup my hands over them at the same time like looking through binoculars. It reminds me of those little cardboard thingy's with the colored chips inside that spin and make differnt designs.

Rising Rainbow said...

If it gave you a happy memory, I think that's cool. I'd just as soon not get stuck in traffic though. lol

Utah Grammie said...

ahh, this was beautiful! What a fun and sweet memory - and your writing took me back right with you -thanks for the trip!

Cherry Menlove said...

This is such a lovely post. It made me think of the trips we would take out in the car to 'see the lights' in villages and towns in the areas around where we grew up. The car was so cozy on nights like those.

Cherry xoxoxo

Aunt Jenny said...

I havn't squinched often enough lately...but I will! When I was little and we would travel I squinched my eyes when we passed those lit up power plant things and called them Fairy dad would always roll his eyes.
My grandparents had the same tree as yours...I wonder what happened to it?? I loved that tree and thought it was so pretty when I was little. not my kinda thing now..but what memories!!
Thanks for your post!!