Friday, December 21, 2007

All I Want for Christmas

I am feeling a bit like Mary Lennox, from The Secret Garden, lately. Do you remember when she is caught going through her Uncle's study and after a bit of chastising he asks what it is she wants? Her reply is simple. "I would like a bit of earth. And some seeds to plant."
"A bit of earth?" Uncle Archibald is incredulous. Her request is granted and Mary, finally, has been given a reason to experience joy.
Her plot of earth is, of course, her aunt's garden. Walled in and locked away like some precious relic, too painful to be brought out and gazed upon, she brings it back to life, and consequently, her family and herself as well.
For Christmas this year, I have asked for something simple. A plot of earth. And some seeds.
I want a garden and the only way I will get one is if Santa himself brings it to me.
Our front yard is the only location where we get enough sunlight to grow things. Would you not be breathless if you drove by and saw raised beds, lovingly tended, burgeoning with beautiful fruits and vegetables growing in it? I would.
I have been perusing the Seed Savers catalog online and have found some extraordinary heirloom plants that I just know would be extraordinarily happy at my house.

Like these Vermont Cranberry Beans:

Or these beautiful Flageolet Beans:

Or these incredibly colored Dragon Carrots:

Or these Painted Lady Runner Beans:

I would be as happy as a pig in mud if I could have these growing in my little potager.

And so, my dear husband, to answer the inevitable question, "What would you like for Christmas?", my answer is simple; "A garden."

I am really very easy to please.


The Feathered Nest said...

Awww Karin, you really are a farmgirl at heart!!! I hope you get your wish....I say plant a garden anywhere you please, I'm sure it will grow beautifully with you tending to it....xxoo, Dawn

Lee W. said...

Those plants are so pretty. We have the ground and the sun- and TOO many deer.

Val said...

Beautiful... The Secret Garden was my favorite play/movie/soundtrack growing up. I still have the musical on CD and my children listen to it as they go to sleep... I sing the bit of earth song to my son as he falls asleep. The other, the one about the dragon, I sung to my oldest and he still remembers it and asked me to sing it as we drove around, looking at Christmas lights.

A bit of earth. Beautiful!

I hope your wish comes true. Everyone should have their own bit of earth.

Best wishes.