Thursday, November 1, 2007

Shopping Therapy

Before going to visit Dad yesterday, my brother, mom and I took a little break and headed to McDonough for lunch at PJ's Cafe on the square. I would recommend the Shrimp Po' Boy and homemade chips. Actually, I would recommend anything they have there, but the Po' Boy is what I ate yesterday.
After filling our tummies, we took a walk around the corner to The Plum Tree. I cannot go to the square and not pop in there!
Ah, it smelled like Autumn the minute you walked in the door due to an Apple Cinnamon candle burning on a nearby table. Inside was a flurry of activity as the change was being made from all things autumnal to all thing Christmas!! Sunday is the big Christmas Open House, and I so wish I could be there. McDonough at Christmastime is beautiful. Like walking into Norman Rockwell's Stockbridge,Massachusetts right here in Georgia.
Of course, I had to do a bit of shopping while there. I have long admired Dawn's (the Feathered Nest) book-page covered star. It has called to me each time I go the shop. Yesterday I bought it. At last! It is mine! It will soon be found hanging in my family room. Thank you, Dawn, for your sweet creativity that made such a lovely thing.

I also purchased some metal type blocks, (I tried to spell out "So what?" but there was no W to be found. lol That's what I get for being cheeky!) some sweet tiny pumpkins, adorable little girl shoes and a hooked heart with a cute little picture of sisters in the center.
How do I spell relief? S*H*O*P*P*I*N*G!! It was just what the doctor ordered.
We arrived at the hospital to find one roommate had a seizure during the night and the other had been trying to call me all day. Not really. He thinks I am his sister.
One day I will find the time to write about Dad's roommates. Oh my goodness, they make the day interesting, to say the least.
'Til then, I'm off to Decatur to chat with Dad and work on little projects. The housework will just have to wait, but shopping therapy will always be called for.


The Feathered Nest said...

Karin! How funny to open your blog and see my star in your home!!!! You sweetie, it couldn't have a better owner and thank you so very much!! Sounds like you did have a nice day. I do hope you Dad's feeling much better. xxoo, Dawn

Amy said...

Hi Karin....

I love all of your little finds...esp your star :)

Shopping therapy is always good!

Still hoping that your dad is doing ok.

Farmgirl hugs to you.

Aunt Jenny said...

I agree...sometimes shopping makes a day so so so much better!!
I love the star! I am hoping to get in a small amount of shopping therapy on Tuesday when I go up north for a doc visit with my friend Kate...lots of shops up there and none of our kids with us...woohoo!!
I keep your dad and you in my daily prayers!