Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Tucked along the woodline at the back of our property* lies a sweet surprise. A small stand of Euonymus Americanus has popped up unnoticed by my husband, who would have certainly whacked it down to nubs had he paid attention to that part of the yard.
For me, it is a wonderful treat. A volunteer that has burst out in its Autumn color and fruits and has called me to it.
I have taken a few pictures of this welcomed visitor for you to enjoy!

* That sounds so romantic, does it not? In reality, the "back of our property" lies a mere thirty feet from our back door. :) Ah, well.


Utah Grammie said...

Such wonderful pictures! Your photography skills are really good. I've never seen this plant before - maybe it's your area of the country?! Anyway, I not only like the "at the back of our property" line but also love the term "volunteer" - makes them sound like little happiness-soldiers!

amy said...

those are beautiful!