Monday, November 19, 2007

Eight Things I Love About My Kitchen

Amy, from buraellen (don't you love that name?), tagged me to share eight things I love about my kitchen with you.
Wow. Eight. I hope I can think of that many.

1. In the center of my kitchen is an enamel-topped cabinet that I bought in a yard sale for $20. It was in very poor shape, with chunks out of it and some sort of bug (ie- termite) damage. So, I sprayed the heck out of it with bug spray, filled the holes with wood filler, sanded it, painted it taupe and put new black hardware on it. Fabulous!! It looks so good, that when the woman I bought it from came to visit, she wanted to buy it back from me. Ha ha ha ha ha! Right. This is the place I make make my pies and set my jams and jellies to cool. I don't know what I would do without it. Plus it stores a multitude of sins.

2. I have wood floors in my kitchen and I love them. My husband and I installed them throughout the entire house after the fire back in 2000. They look as though they have been here for 70 years instead of 7, thanks to our two dogs.

3. When I redesigned the kitchen, I chose to put in shelving instead of cabinets. It was the best decision I have ever made. Really. And consequently, my kitchen is always clean, because I cannot shove things behind doors.

4. For Christmas last year, our son gave us a Brita water cooler that not only gives you cold water, but hot as well. So now, I have instant hot chocolate at night. Mmmmmmmm. I love that thing!

5. My pantry. but it is not in the kitchen per se. It is across in the dining room. We built it in when we redid the house. It is lovely and deep,and we put a screen door on the front. Funny, but about 2 months later, Country Home had one just like it in their magazine in their Built in a Weekend section. How did they get in my house?

6. I have a cast iron sink. And while it is a dish eater, I still adore it. I love the feel of it, the way it keeps the water hot while I wash up, the farmhouse charm it possesses. Tie on an apron, fill the sink with suds and you are just like Donna Reed. Without the pearls, thank you.

7. On the side of the pantry is the Smith Family's Wall of Fame. Painted with chalkboard paint and written on with white pencil, it carries the names of family, friends and each missionary that has served in our area over the past five years. It is done in height chart style and the most famous name on there is MaryJane Butters, who was at my house in October. :)

8. Bowls. I am a confessed bowl ho. Oh, wait! I can't say that, can I? But I am. I love bowls, especially Mason Cash bowls, and anything with a homey look to it. Bowls are the repositories for foods like macaroni and cheese, warm biscuits, Welch Rarebit, soups and chowders, beef stew and chicken pot pie. Bowls are the heart of the table because they hold so many comforting things.

There you have it, folks! Eight things that I love about my kitchen. My sweet little kitchen that produces all of the nourishing meals and tasty treats I feed my family.

I, in turn, am obliged to tag someone else to share their eight things.

Dawn, would you be willing to share your kitchen love with us?


amy said...

well done, karin. i, too, love your kitchen, especially the shelving and the enamel-topped cabinet. i must confess, i am quite fond of bowls myself. you can never have too many. thanks for sharing and thanks for the compliment on my blog name!

tongue in cheek said...

Your desription of your kitchen makes me want to pull up a chair and have a cup of tea with you there!

Aunt Jenny said...

Your kitchen sounds wonderful! I will have to do this one. I do love my homely little kitchen. That cabinet with the enamel top sounds wonderful!!!
I love the "growth chart" idea!!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

You are very descriptive. I feel like I've been to your wonderful kitchen for a visit.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

PS Your picture looks like you are about 24, not that you have been a raising children for that long. What's your secret? More power to you.

Anonymous said...

Karin.....That blog made me miss your kitchen. I have many wonderful memories there. From Hot wings and mo jos, to a million lady bugs, to granny apple green paint on the walls and a hand painted cherry canvas we put in the center of the kitchen that year. But most of all spending time with you! Sad that they all happened more than five years ago so I was never able to sign the wall! :( But some memories no picture, no autograph, no blog can do justice...the best kind are the ones deep in our hearts.


P.S. I left a piece of my heart in Georgia!