Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ah, Madison

The day after Thanksgiving found us venturing East out I-20 to the small town of Madison, GA.
No trip to the malls or department stores for this family. We prefer our after-holiday recovery to be of a more docile nature. (But kudos to those who develop sumo wrestler capabilities to procure the last of the most popular item of the year. My hat's off to you!)
Madison is known as the "town that Sherman refused to burn." The reason being that a senator, known to be a Union sympathizer, hailed from there.
Whatever the reason, I for one am personally grateful to have such a place of beauty remaining intact.
Within the town square can be found shops, the contents of which will fulfill any need you may have. Whether you know it or not.
If you are ever in the area, be sure to stop in and visit the Welcome Center in the center of town. You may just run into an old friend, as I did on Friday. It is such a small world.
Enjoy these few photos of this fair Southern town. Tomorrow I will post a few more. I do wish that Blogger would allow you to post as many as you desire.

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For Love of Home said...

Manrekarin, Thank you for the nice comment, talk about a small world I realize that I know you now that I have seen your picture. I love Madison as well. My husband and I bought our first antique piece together there, the shop is gone now however the town is just picture perfect and I love to visit anytime I can. Hope to see you soon.