Thursday, October 11, 2007

Round and Round and Round She Goes.

And where she stops? Well, I know. It will be when I run out of sheets that are suitable for tearing into strips. :)

This is my crocheted rug that I have started using the very easy directions from MaryJane's Stitching Room. I love how it is turning out. I have decided it will be a circular rug. The only thing not decided upon is where it will live when I am finished with it.
It could possibly be used in the family room, if I make it about 8 feet in diameter.
Or it could live on the floor next to my side of the bed, providing me the softest cushion underfoot when I hop out of bed in the morning. (Or middle of the night. Whichever the case may be.)
There is something very satisfying about tearing fabric into strips, joining them together and making them into something both useful and beautiful. Made from things that have been tucked far back in the linen cupboard. Or the linen bin at the thrift store.
I wish each of you could have heard the symphony in my home on Monday. We have all commented on it. As each strip of fabric was torn, strips of friendship were being tied together, creating a soft, beautiful place for each of us to land.
I will think of that each time I step on this little rug of mine. It will release memories of that day, of those women, the time we spent together and the happiness we all felt.
I am naming my rug. Her name will be Joy.


Flea Market Queen said...

What a lovely rug!
How wonderful that you are making it yourself...
Good for you!

MNScrapbookmom said...

This is amazing !!! Love the colors. :) It's always good to bring "Joy" into your life. :) Have a fantastic weekend. ¥

whimseycreations said...

That is looking great Karin!!! So nice and flat.

Utah Grammie said...

"Joy" is beutiful- I'm going to have to try feet could use a little "joy" as well!

amy said...

very well said, karin. i agree about monday. i am still so excited about it. my husband thinks it is great. i am at a standstill with my rug. i have no more sheets! i am going to put mine next to my bed. i have always wanted a rug there. have a great night!