Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More MaryJane

MaryJane describes how to make a crocheted rag rug.

MaryJane's daughter, Meg, demonstrates how to attach the lengths of fabric,
as Jill, Dawn, Julia, and Jeannie look on.

Dawn (www.the-feathered-nest.blogspot.com ), left, and Julia (jujubee), right, rip into this activity.

Tamara is enjoying ripping this sheet to shreds.

That's because she knows how cute the finished product is going to be!

Tiffany and Amy (nitere) choose their fabric to make colorful rugs.

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Queen of Dreamsz said...


Looks like a fun time going on there! I love rag crochet!! Yes, the Southern Farmgirls will definitely need to gather someplace next year. Hopefully I will be there the next time.