Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Joy-ful Progression

Please pardon the pun, but I am hooked on rug making.
I cannot seem to bring myself to stop tearing strips and crocheting
them around in a seemingly endless spiral.
Joy is now 58" in diameter. I have placed a pair of scissors on her in
order for you to see how big she really is.

I believe that my friend, Lucy, and I have just about cleaned out our area thrift stores of their sheet supply.
Yesterday found us with baskets full of lively colors and patterns
that will be made into yet more rugs. It is a sickness of the productive kind.
I would say that this type of craft is one of the more satisfying that I have done.
When Joy is finished, she will provide cushioning and warmth for my family.
Purposeful, practical, pretty. Those are the things that were made by women in the past.
Our reviving these simple, useful things create a continuing thread that connects us to them.
My grandmother had an incredible knack of being able to turn one thing into another. She saved everything; nylons, fabric, sewing supplies, yarn, tins, greeting cards, you name it. And all of it would be put to good use in one way or another.
Nylons and fabric were hooked or braided into small chair pads. Greeting cards were cut up and glued to matchboxes and sold by my father and his brothers for ten cents each. They were raising money for the war effort. I still have a few of the boxes and a lot of the cut-up cards.
She was a Navy Knitter, and used the yarn to make scarves for those who were fighting for our freedom. You could always count on having an endless supply of things to create with when you went to her house.
I am grateful that I can connect with women like my grandmother. Those that were willing to subscribe to the adage "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."
It makes me feel good to use things that I have, or are in need of recycling, to create items that we can use for years to come. Perhaps these things will cause the creative genes to be stirred up in my own children and they will do the same. Only time will tell.


MNScrapbookmom said...

Sounds like you are having alot of fun... :) Love how your brown, green and cream rug turned out from your previous entry.

Katie said...

What a great project! You are truly connecting to the women of the past. Grandmother's heritage is all crocheted up in your rug. I enjoy your blog.

tongue in cheek said...

The circle of love and creativity widen and goes around and around.

Miss Sandy said...

Thank you for your recent visit to Quill Cottage. I am visiting in return, your rug is wonderful! I had a friend who tried to teach me to crochet, she failed, so she took me to visit with an older lady in our church, she too tried, and failed. It is not the they were bad teachers but I was an impossible student. I tied my fingers together and broke out into a sweat trying to hold the hook, thread, and deal with a ball of stuff rolling around the floor. I greatly admire this craft and will gladly pay whatever the asking price as long as I don't have to make it!
Miss Sandy

The Feathered Nest said...

WOW Karin!! You've been a busy little bee! I love how it looks, all the colors. It is wonderful to look at and know you've given this fabric a new life that was just tossed away by someone else! xxoo, Dawn

Brainiac's Daughter said...


Tonje said...

Oooohhh.... very nice rug! And what a great way to recycle old sheets.