Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Gathering of Women

It is always much more fun to share good things with friends. That is why there were 25 women at my house yesterday. They became part of the joy of winning "Best of Show" in MaryJane's pinkeeper contest.
Beginning at ten o'clock in the morning, friends old and new came to my front door, were greeted with a hug and welcomed into my home. The effect these women had on each other was instantaneous.
Smiles, hugs, exclamations of delight as a face was finally placed with a name, laughter and pitching in were abundant in every corner.
There was an energy in the room as these women bonded in friendship, tying hearts together with apron strings. The power that came from them as a result was undeniable. These are women that will remain in each other's memories for a lifetime and beyond.
This opportunity came from a slender, elegant farmer from Idaho. MaryJane Butters has created an environment that fosters these kind of solid, enduring friendships. She knows the strength of women who are connected to each other. We are kindred spirits of the eternal kind.
Bringing her beautiful daughter, Meg, sweet son-in-law Lucas, granddaughter Stella Jane, a precious angel, and the darling Katy King, tatting queen, MaryJane wrapped us up in her sweet, easy-going way and brought out the inner farmgirl in all of us.
We ate. A lot! Baked potato soup, taco soup, broccoli cheese soup, onion pie, rolls, salad, dips. And that was just lunch!
We filled ourselves with Gateau au Chocolat, Banana Bread Pie (from Jane's Apron), English trifle and Butterscotch Apple Bars. And added a few bits of padding to our hips in the process.
Then we crafted. Everyone put forth their best efforts with talents just emerging or finely honed. Help was offered, encouragement given and admiration bestowed on the work that came from each of us.
From a crocheted rag rug to a delicate tatted edge on a handkerchief, we all learned that sharing these kinds of gentle crafts together is the best part of all.
Thank you, MaryJane, for giving us the opportunity to meet, share, restore our spirits, fill our hearts and understand that beyond the small differences we have, the common things about us are strong and viable.
It will be a day that we all will remember with fondness and gratitude for the love that you have shown to all of us.

A sweet gift- the new, hot-off-the-press 2008 MaryJane's Farm calendar and a Saffron-Pear candle that smells divine! (And will be available soon at Belk's!)
A framed photograph that describes the Farmgirl Sisterhood stands behind.

MaryJane graciously signed personal copies of her books, aprons, laundry soap lids,

whatever we could find to keep as a memento of the day.

Katy King's expert tatting instructions, and my first attempt at needle tatting.

Needless to say, I am hooked!!

Farmgirl theoanne (Teddie W.) helped by putting together the table centerpieces-

flowers set in chicken feeders!

(How nice! Now Cilla and I have three feeders for our future flock of egg-laying hens!)

Gifts from friends- the coveted Vidalia Onion Pie recipe from Tif, a gourd spoon from Tamara, a sweet memory book from Dawn, a felted flower pin from Jill, Amber lotion from Jess, lemon-dill dip from Jeannie and Julia, farmgirl bumper stickers from Meg.
Such divine goodness to remember these women with!
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!
There are more pictures to follow! Please read all of the other posts, as well as visiting
http://www.the-feathered-nest.blogspot.com/ to see the lovely photos posted by Dawn!!

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The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Karin,
As usual, your writing of yesterday's events is just beautiful! You really do have such a talent you know. Thank you again for inviting me. I did have such a great time. Of course, the pictures you have of me I look as though I'm trying to yank the fabric to shreds! Oh well, I still had a terrific time. You went to so much trouble and cooked and cleaned and wallpapered and everything. It was PERFECT!
Hope you're resting...xxoo, Dawn