Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Errand of Angels

My family has been greatly blessed this week. While my father has been a patient at the Atlanta VA Hospital, he has been treated with incredible kindness, respect and tenderness.
His mind has wandered in and out if lucidity, his body is challenging him in ways he
(or we) never would have expected and yet he retains his sweet sense of humor, his accomodating manner and attitude of gratitude. He is ever so thankful to those who care for him. And so am I.
I watch as he is carefully assisted, bathed, fed, spoken to and watched over.
I do not think I will ever be able to express to them in a way that will match the enormity of thankfulness I feel towards these men and women, angels on Earth.
In the few minutes I had this afternoon to read a few friend's blogs, my eyes locked on Dawn's ( post "Paying It Forward". Here is my chance to fulfill the adage "One good deed deserves another."
She has taken the challenge from The Inspired Room and will be spreading joy to three lucky women. I anxiously left a comment so that I may be able to spread kindness to another.
So, the first three sweet commenters to this post who are willing to partake in this incredible opportunity will receive a little token of love from me.

Below are the rules of the game (copied from Dawn):
1. You comment on this post.
2. You receive a handmade gift from ME.
3. You post this message on YOUR blog and offer THREE more handmade gifts to the first three commenters.
4. Thus, the cycle continues and everyone has fun and beautiful crafts to display in their home.
I will contact you for your addresses.

Please leave a comment if you choose. Spread your wings. Sprinkle joy. Lift another. Pay it forward.


Lee W. said...

well, I came from the feathered nest to get in on the PIF. But I am sorry to hear about your dad. I'll be vising you more often. So count me as #1.

whimseycreations said...

Karin, I don't have a blog so can't play but I do want to let you know that your family and especially your father will be in my prayers. Hugs!

Lori said...

Hi, I came over from the feathered nest...i am doing this too with Dawn...sending prayers for your father, and hoping we is well soon...