Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Too Taken with Things Teeny-Tiny

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a collection of tiny aprons for a swap at MaryJanes Farmgirl Connection. Mine are very, very late. But they should be arriving at our Swap Mom's house soon and be dispersed to the swap gals. Sorry, everyone. I have resolved to not do any more swaps until things get back on track here. Which may be a while as I will be taking my mom to dr. appointments and cardiac therapy as soon as they give her the all-clear and taking my son to his work training program
so that he will one day find a job that suits him and prevents him from spending endless hours watching Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel.
I loved making these tiny treasures. But I found that it was taking as long to make a small one as it does to make a large one. Why? Because I cannot seem to cut corners, that's why. (Although I did finally have to resort to doing just that on the last few.)
Cutting, folding, pressing, etc. The steps are all the same, only in miniature. You would think it would be easier to do things small. Not for me. Apparently I am not wired thusly.
If anyone can complicate something, it will be me. And boy howdy do I!!
Here are the sixteen tiny aprons destined to adorn the window tops or doorways of my farmgirl sisters. They are bigger than they were supposed to be (and I suggested the size!) but they are finished. Fini, acabado, terminado, finito, avsluttet. However you say it, they are done. Ta da!

Now that the aprons were done, I felt lost. I needed another project. Sooo, taking a vintage baby bib, I made a pattern and began sewing. Again. In miniature. But they are sweet- all tiny and cute, trimmed in handmade bias tape, vintage trim and this lovely stuff called Chenille-It that is my new best friend!

I am calling them Sweet Bambinos- because bebé dolce, while lyrical, was just too macabre. I am going to make these in my "spare", (nee "spartan"), time and put them on Etsy.

It will be a while though. They take me forever. :)


Aunt Jenny said...

Your mini aprons are adorable..they sure show that you took time with them!!
I have been holding back on joining in any swaps lately, too..even though I love them...just need to get things in order first.
Cute cute bibs too!!!
I hope your days are somehow easier with all you have to do!!!
I keep you in my prayers!!

Brainiac's Daughter said...

I too love the little things... and alliteration, so well done there!

They are adorable. I wish I had your patience!

Utah Grammie said...

Beautiful bolg! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the tiny aprons! ANd your photography of the flowers, leves, etc. is amazing. I will visit again!

ScrapScene said...

Oh my goodness - I just love those tiny aprons!!