Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lotus Position

There are times when you encounter something of such
exquisite beauty that it defies description.
When any word that comes to mind pales in comparison
and falls away with a whimper.
This is one of them:
The Lotus Pond on Minnow Road, Rex, GA.

Photos taken at 9:30 am, 7 August, 2007 by madrekarin.


Aunt Jenny said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I wish I were so good at capturing nature's miracles!!
Hey..check out my blog...award time for YOU!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Un-un-unbelievable photographs, Karin!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment on aging ~ so very well written. I hope you don't mind I posted about your comment and added one of your gorgeous photos to link back to you...xxoo, Dawn (I hope your mom is feeling better today)

Nan - said...

I have never seen a lotus flower, though I've read the name for a long time. Beautiful, beautiful photos.

Dawn said...

Just gorgeous!

JANET said...