Monday, August 6, 2007

If You Had Seen It Before.........

I am sure that you would have run away screaming. That's how bad my craft room had become. Things piled up on the floor, projects for swaps tucked up underneath things, a closet full of things my son left waiting for a yard sale, you name it, it was in there causing me
great stress and quite a few headaches.
So I decided that before I could finish or embark on any new projects, I had to clean.
And clean, and clean and clean.
This would be the result of my labors- a shiny clean room that will now allow my mind to burst forth with ideas. Well, maybe not that extreme, but I should get a lot of work done!
I do not know why I allow such mess to build up around me. It is as though what is happening in my life manifests itself in the unlikeliest of places. When things are frantic and crazy, you can bet that somewhere in my house will be a room that looks just like it.
And yet, the things that I crave- peace and calm- are always there for me to find. I just have to work a bit for them. They are the reward at the end of the race. Why do I forget that?
So, I will enjoy these companions for as long as they will tarry.
And I will commit to work harder at keeping them with me.
And enjoy this delightfully fresh, sweet, clean space.
(Just don't look at the rest of my house!)


norththreads said...

How tidy! I could work in here!!! Thanks for popping by & visiting!

Brainiac's Daughter said...

I love it! Looks awesome!

She Who Flies said...

There's nothing like a tidied up studio to renew the creative juices! My art table gets overcrowded and things do pile up when I work (quite normal, and I surely would not want to break the flow of creativity by putting things away immediately!), but I know that if my art room looks like heaps of confusion, I can end up feeling that way too... :-)

The Feathered Nest said...

Karin, your room is beautiful! I see you hung the shelves that you altered....and I love the window frame with the chicken wire. I did that with a picture frame once. I love it when my art room is cleaned up ~ I feel like making something immediately. Best wishes on creating many wonderful things in your crispy clean craft room ~ xxoo, Dawn

mima said...

I love it Karin!!! Right now I'm doing everything in my bedroom!!! Thats a very inspirational craftroom for one talented artist!!! Hugs! Debi(mima)