Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ain't You Sweet

*Edit- Well, I am doubly blessed!
My friend, Jenny, ( has nominated me for a Nice Matters Award. Thank you, Jenny. There must have been a failure in communication between the fly on my dad's wall and yours last night when I unceremoniously declared to him that, "No. I cannot help you with a shower. I have a very distinct aversion to wrinkled old men's bottoms. Especially my father's wrinkled old man bottom!" Ew. (I sent my son up in my stead.) See how awful I really am?
I have not had the opportunity to meet Jenny. Yet. But I love her like she is my sister. Sweet, hard working, loving mom, owner of Mona- the most adorable Jersey cow ever, and a smile that lights up any web page that it happens to be on. I mentioned to her the other day that she is at the top of my list of women I would like to meet one day. I hope I do.
In response, I am now to choose five women whom I would like to nominate. What a terribly difficult thing to have to do!! How do you choose? It is a nearly impossible task.
But apparently choose I must. (Also trying to nominate someone who has not been previously nominated is somewhat akin to finding the needle in a haystack.) So, here goes:
I hereby nominate for the Nice Matters Award the following wonderful women-

Amy of A sweet little blog from a fellow Georgia Peach. Read the post about her grandfather. Fabulous.

Jen of Loveliness everywhere. Her take on vintage clothing is fab. And no, she does not look like a lunch lady!

Angela of The Thrifting Queen and our neighbor to the north. Eh? Super sweet, happiness jumps from her blog.

Gayle at And not because she is my sister!! Her writing is superb- deep, electric and moving. She has her finger on the pulse of the deepest of feelings in a way I could never express them. Braniac is our dad.

Elizabeth at This fabulously talented woman hosts the best giveaways! Please look closely at her pinkeeps and bags- A-mazing!

Well, there you are. My five choices. I wish I could give one to everyone.
Have fun making your own choices, ladies. It is not as easy as it looks!
* (My thanks as well to photographer extraordinaire, Tina from !
She is my hero by virtue of the fact that she is brave enough to home school her children. I would be in the bathroom beating my head against the wall.)
See what I mean about my being positively horrible?


GardenGoose said...

well hey there..looks like you have been given this award twice in one week.:0) check out my blog too. :0) hope you are having a good week.:0)

norththreads said...

Thank you so much- you are too kind!!!!!

Brainiac's Daughter said...

You have a good soul, my sister. Thank you.

GardenGoose said...

LOL well..I'll only be teaching one child this's not so bad.:0) LOL you are so fun Karin. hope you have a good weekend!
(oh..I'm having a little drawing too over at my blog if you want to join in)