Monday, July 2, 2007

Sweetness in the Post Box

Saturday was a blaringly hot day. On the bank's annoying flashing sign it read 96 degrees. Ugh. But, in our post box was something that brought refreshment and joy!! My sweet apron from Susan at NotQuiteJuneCleaver arrived!! A lovely package of pink and blue, with a nice little packet of peachy herbal tea that I will make and chill with a few ice cubes. (The cup and saucer are from my great-grandmother, but fit so well that I had to include it in the display.)

I opened the soap so that you could witness for yourself the lovely pink color. And the scent? Yummy!

Thank you, Susan, from the bottom of my heart. And the middle and the top. xxxooo


Susan's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

You are very welcome! Hope to see you around the blog world often! Enjoy your prize!

Anonymous said...

Lovely treasures! Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing me to yours! ♥