Monday, July 9, 2007

Small, Sweet Things

My Paper Potter has been sitting unused on my kitchen shelf for months. It's original purpose is to make small pots from newspaper in which you plant seeds. I only made a few. Very few.
So today I looked at it in a different light. Do you remember the colorful little nut cups that graced the tables of every bridal and baby shower up until the 1970's? I do. My grandmother had dozens of them. My mother always had some on hand.
They were the staple of every proper party-giver. Each one held a perfect serving of salty nuts or sugary mints.
I decided to make my own version. With all of the yummy scrapbook papers available these days, I could make any style or color I desired. Armed with a cutter, a glue stick, my "potter", buttons and some vintage glitter, (along with some pretty M Stewart border stickers), I started making them.
So cute! And easy-peasy to make: Just cut 2 strips of equal width of paper, glue them back-to-back, wrap around the "potter" and glue then seam. Press in the bottom, secure it with a push into the base and VOILA! You are done!

Then, decorate to your heart's content. I used vintage netting and baker's twine to hold the candy. Pretty sweet, aren't they?
Now I just need to have a party!


The Feathered Nest said...

What a wonderful idea!! I want to find one of these little pot thingies now! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog ~ it's always so good to hear from you...xxoo, Dawn

Brainiac's Daughter said...

I love these little pot guys... we'll have to make them for my... uh... you know *wink, wink*.

The French Nest said...

SO beautiful, and such a great idea! Thanks for visiting me and for your lovely comment - stop by the nest any time!