Thursday, July 12, 2007


We had rain last night. A real clear-the-air type rain, that left its mark on my garden.
Tiny drops of water, glistening like jewels, rest on petals providing small
sips of liquid nourishment for any small creature passing by.
They so need this.

And so do I. I need a well to draw from.
My mind has been as dry as the days, unable to absorb anything from that still, arid environment.
I have been boxed in by my own accord, stifling myself for no apparent reason.
I crave those things that will spring forth as ideas and then
something tangible that says I am still alive and viable.
There are not too many in my home who understand this desire.
It confounds them and because of this, it separates me from them.
That is my box- Conformity. Self-doubt. Compliance.
I need to spread my wings, drink deeply at the well and be.
I need renewal of body and spirit.
I need to be filled with droplets that will pool together
and flow through me, giving me energy and drive.
I need refreshment.


lindaharre said...

Beautifully written!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We finally received some rain last night as wekk ~ it felt so refreshing! The air is much cooler today and I'm loving it!! I hope your soul finds the refreshment it needs. ♥

Brainiac's Daughter said...

Very well expressed and a lovely bit of reading. Have a drink on me.