Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We're home. It is so nice to be here, wrapped up in all things familiar and very much missed; Hugs from my husband, Only Daughter and #2 Son who was just over-the-moon happy to be back. Even the dogs and cat breathed a huge sigh of relief at the sight of us. The ones who really take care of them.
It was ten days filled with busy things. And the end of each day found us pleasantly content and deservedly tired.
Between stalking thrift shops in Bradenton and St. Pete, going to movies, venturing to Orlando, going to the beach, making clothes, cooking dinners, watching some of the most beautiful (and intense) thunderstorms, we wore ourselves out in a good way.

Tuesday found us in Orlando. Not for what you would think though. We went to the Titanic exhibit that is there. It was amazing and haunting and sobering all at the same time. When you arrive, you purchase a ticket for passage. It is a ticket that bears the name of an actual passenger or crew member that set sail on the ship. I was in Third Class, Mrs. Annie Sage from Hackney, England. #2 Son was Harold Bride, 22, the Junior Wireless Officer on the ship. My sister was Ida Strauss, whose husband owned Macy's and my niece was also a Third Class passenger named Amy something. I never did get her full name.
Receiving the name of someone who actually lived, and died, changes the perspective of the tour. You travel through as if you are that person. At the end there is a wall with the name of every passenger on board ship that day. If you lived, your name was solid and easily viewed. If you died, it was hollow and pale. My sister, niece and I all perished. #2 Son lived.
This is the ceiling over the Grand Staircase- in the center is a chandelier that takes your breath away. No expense was spared for that ship. I took more pictures, but the lighting was not very good. This is the best one.

I will have to post my thrifting treasures on another day. I have not yet taken their "glamour shots!" So, I will give you a few pics from the beach instead. This is my family- you could call this picture a "flop." ha ha. They were not cooperating with my attempt to get sweet family photos. At all.

I do not like the beach, so we only went in the evening, with the intent of collecting a few shells, walking the shoreline and dipping our tootsies in the surf. Ah, the best-laid plans..................On the back-stretch, my sister spied a crab scurrying along the ocean bottom. What is the first thing she did? Shouted "Crab!" Then she pointed to it for #2 Son to see. (I should explain - #2 is deaf. He would never have known that the crab was there otherwise.) He immediately got "The Look." Following her finger, he darted into the water, head down, eyes focused on the crab who was now just trying to get the heck out of Dodge. #2's hands plunged into the water in an attempt to capture the poor thing. No amount of signing on my part made any impact. He was determined and that always spells disaster.

Within seconds that look of determination gave way to a look of triumph, followed quickly by pain and agony. He had caught the crab and in turn, the crab had caught him. Right on the little finger. Ouch.

#2 wears his crab bite proudly, showing all who will look the tiny marks left by Mr. Crabby and his Amazing Pincher. He's going to get a lot of mileage from this one.

Just seconds before the crab attack-

Thank goodness she didn't shout "Shark!"

This is what we should have been looking at-

I had to throw this one in. This bug-creature, whatever he is, lit upon the hood of the truck at McDonald's one morning. I thought he was so amazing, that I jumped out of the truck, while parked at the window waiting for our breakfast, and snapped his photo. I loved how the landscape reflected all around him, like a mirage in the desert. He left just after his photo shoot. I must have really been bugging him.

Yes, we had a lot of fun, but it's so good to be home.


Brainiac's Daughter said...

Glad you had a good time! :)

yours truly said...

I'm visiting your blog for the first time today and want to say its beautiful! Great pictures! Looks like your trip was wonderful. Thanks for the fun blogging!

madrekarin said...

Thank you, Yours Truly, for stopping by for a visit and for the sweet compliment. Please stop by again!

GardenGoose said...

so glad that you had a wonderful time in Florida. I am also so happy for you that you will recieve a visit from Mary Jane and crew..what fun.you have alot going on lately..but looks like fun things..yay.