Friday, June 22, 2007


I was tagged by Tina of The Garden Goose to create a list of things that remind me of the South. First of all, thank you, Tina, for thinking of me. I intentionally did not look at her list so I would not be swayed in any way or the other. So here is mine, such as it is:

The Chattahoochee River- strong, wide and beautiful. We used to take our children there a lot when they were small. I love the sound of the water rushing over river rocks. And I have been known to crane my neck for a view when driving by it.

Andersonville- I cannot hear that name without thinking of all the men who were imprisoned there. If you are a student of the Civil War or not, go there. You will gain new respect for each side that fought. Walking through the cemetary, with line after line of small, white headstones, takes your breath away. You will not leave unaffected.

Kudzu- The green monster that has overtaken the South. But, with all of its questionable attributes, a very useful plant. There is nothing better on a warm, homemade biscuit than fresh butter and Kudzu Blossom Jelly.

Live Oaks dripping with Spanish moss- Four hours away from my home is Savannah, with its beautiful architecture and the most amazing trees that overwhelm the squares. They are stately and large, spreading their branches across each corner, shading you from the sun. They are one of the reasons I love that city.

Fried green tomatoes- From the Blue Willow Inn in Social Circle. Oh, my!! Hot from the kitchen, they make your mouth water and your knees weak!

Small town squares- Anchored by a courthouse, the bastion of justice, small quaint shops and eateries that serve grits with everything, they were the hub of commerce in their day. I'm glad to see that they are coming back, strong and proud.

Soft, Southern accents- Of which I am not in possession of. (Being raised in Massachusetts may have something to do with that!) There is nothing more melodic than a true Southern accent.

The Varsity- What'll ya have, what'll ya have? And you had better be ready with your order! Is it great food? Well, no. But it's something you have to experience for yourself at least once on a trip to Atlanta! (The onion rings are to die for though!)

Truman Capote- Odd, maybe. But if you ever read The Grass Harp, you will fall in love with him, the author, as I have.

The Georgia "G"- UGA, all the way! Go Dawgs!! At least that what my husband says. ;)

So, there you have it. My list of things that, for me, are indicative of the South. I am sure that you can come up with more interesting ones than what I have chosen.

Oh, and let me just add one more thing- my children. All three of them were born here in the South. I have to say that they are my favorite Southern things. :)

So, let's see. I am now able to share the joy of being tagged. I tag Jenny, Sue and Susan. Y'all will get a little message from me letting you know you have been tagged. ;)

And thanks for visiting my blog. Y'all come back now. Ya hear?


Mrs.Garcia said...

The Beacon is So Good. I have never Tried The Varsity but I plan on it. One True Southern Belle.
GRITS (Girls Raised In The South).
God Bless,

The French Nest said...

I love your list of "Southern Thangs'! Have a great weekend!


GardenGoose said...

like your list..I forgot about the kudzu and fried green 'ta maters. LOL and gracious I even forgot about grits...the real thing..not just G.R.I.T.S. either. lol

love.boxes said...

I have always wondered about Truman Capote.. maybe I'll start with that one.. :)

Sue said...

I've already played, I tagged Tina, but thanks for thinking of me! I loved your list, I forgot about Kuduz! lol

lindaharre said...

I love your put a smile on my face! Beautifully written:D