Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Home in the Wall

Well, here it is!! My little home in the wall! It's been an ongoing project for the past few years. It seems that when I get the bug to redecorate, this is the one place I can do it, and not feel guilty.
(Because tiny decorating absolutely does not count!)This is my favorite corner in the living room. The wallpaper is from England, which I
purchased when I was there last year. Don't you just want to shrink down and live there?

The working corner of the kitchen. And another English wallpaper. The pie safes are filled with food that I have made for the little house. Yum!
Another view and a basket of veggies.
The work table, where all yummy things are made in miniature.
This is the front view when the house is closed. The bricks are real, the windows go up and down and the door does open. Just ask my cat, who likes to poke her little paws in there and destroy the kitchen. :(

I will post some more pictures tomorrow. Right now I'm late!! Off to go purchase flowers for a friend!!