Thursday, June 21, 2007

Home in the Wall- Part Deux

More pictures of the little house. This is the "loo". Complete with a tiny robe for the most modest of inhabitants when they come out of the bath. And that is actually tp on the roll. Nothing is too good. ;) The bedroom. It's the only one, so it's either no kiddies or all pile in together. My friend's daughter loves to come over and rearrange all the furniture. This is her latest attemp. Not bad, eh?

The living room in it's entirety. I wish mine looked this neat.
The kitchen table, all set for guests. A lovely pot of spaghtetti, fresh carrots from the garden and rolls. Of course, there is apple pie for dessert.
So, this is it. I have a lot of fun playing with this house, finding new and interesting things to place in it and make it more homelike. Hope you enjoyed the tour!


The French Nest said...

I was reading some of your previous posts this evening and I just love your blog, it's absolutely stunning.
Your dollhouse is darling, and all of the rooms have so much character! Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

GardenGoose said...

how very cute. hey by the way.."tag" you're it! I have just tagged you to play along on the Southern Words tag. Sue over at Country Pleasures tagged me. And I have to tag 3 people..what you do is make a list of all the things that remind you of the South.
check out my list on my blog...and Sue's then you'll get the idea. Then tag 3 people.
hope you'll play along.:0)

Sue said...

Wow, that's amazing, I really had to look twice to see if it was real, the detail is wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving kind wishes for my birthday! Hope you play the southern tag game, I'll be back to see your list!

I am Amy Wagner... said...

OOOOHH! I love your doll house. I have a fettish for doll houses too! I have 2 wooden and 3 metal! They are fun beyond words, don't you think?!
Amy, Abundant Curiosities

madrekarin said...

Wish we could all get together and play with the little house. Wouldn't you just love to be like a little girl again and while away the time lost in your imagination? Oh, wait- that's what we do in our craft rooms, right? :)