Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gardenias in the Garden

Creamy white, soft petals unfolding.

Scenting the air with deliciousness.
They bring memories of my grandmother.
The one that taught me that the things of
my imagination could become realities.
She knew I would need that piece of
information as I grew older.
She knew that it would help
propel me to challenge myself.
She knew, because she had done the same.
This remarkable woman who owned a dress shop,
a restaurant, started a Christmas parade,
was a milliner and a hairdresser.
She never thought that she couldn't do something,
she just did it. And did it well.
So I grow gardenias in my garden,
to remind me of her.
Creamy white and sweetly scented blossoms,
they are like the hugs I remember.
And miss.


eb said...

such a lovely post - and so nice to visit you here for the first time - my Grandmother taught me many things as well - loved hearing about yours

xox - eb.

GardenGoose said...

my gardenias are blooming too and smell delightful. only thing is they get little black bugs in the very middle of them that must like how they taste or something, but they do have the most wonderful smell.(about the computer husband was able to get the computer to work again..somehow and was able to save ALL of his files, but he is still leary that it may crash again though but luckily was able to back everything up..yay! )

madrekarin said...

Thank you for leaving your sweet comments.
eb- I can't wait to be one of those grandmothers that teach her grandchildren all the fun things!
Tina- glad all is well in computerland. I wonder what those little bugs are in your gardenias? I don't have them here.