Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I almost hate to write this, but what I witnessed today was so shocking, so....disgusting, that I just had to tell you about it- all in the hopes that you will never have to be exposed to such horrors.
Coming back from a lovely day of shopping and lunch, I helped my friend, "Lucy", in with her packages. Leading up to her front step is a sweet brick path, with flowers blooming beside it. It smells wonderful. At the end of this path are four brick steps leading to the front porch, where sat her cat, TJ Maxx. (Yes, he is named for the store. Long gone is his brother Burlington.) He is a huge ginger cat, with a large round head and eyes that pierce right through you.
"Lucy, I think your cat is chewing on a stick."
At that moment, TJ looked up at me and dropped his prize from his mouth. There, lying on the front porch was nothing less (and definitely nothing more) than one-half of a lizard. Imagine my horror when it started writhing! "Oh, gross!! It's not dead! Oh, sick!"
There it was, in all of it's one-half glory, it's little mouth opening and closing, gasping for breath that would not help it survive this awful frontal attack by one very hungry and annoyed feline.
"Don't do it!" Ugh. He did.
Swooping his head down to the ground, he opened his gaping jaws and swept up that poor lizard in one bite.
"Oh, I am going to be ill."
Now, I understand Nature and the food chain, but I personally do not like to have it thrust in my face. Catch a lizard if you desire, eat a squirrel or a mouse. No problem. Just enjoy your repasts far away from innocent eyes and queasy stomachs.
Nature, while it may be beautiful, is not for sissies. I have discovered that I am one. And I'm not afraid to admit it.

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GardenGoose said...

yuck! ya know I think I just might qualify for the "sissy" award too..that would have grossed me out too to have seen that.but at least the cat didn't let it sit there and just bat it least he quickly devoured least that was merciful in a cat's way.