Friday, June 15, 2007

Altered State

A few days ago I started my first piece of altered art. It was a bit intimidating to say the least. I have been reading about and looking at the work of others for quite a while now. But the thought of creating my own has just not been high on my list. It's that "I'm not sure I could do that" syndrome.
I am always so amazed as to what comes from deep inside an artist. And to have that feeling conveyed onto paper, or canvas, or fabric, to touch another heart is awe-inspiring.
There are works that are just achingly beautiful, that pull feelings to the surface and take your breath away. And you connect to that person and their art in such an intimate way that you feel you know them.
They are not afraid to express their emotions, and share them with us.
I'm not sure that I was able to accomplish that feeling on this first piece. The woman is my husband's great-great aunt. She is stunningly beautiful. And she had that far-away, longing look in here eyes that I wanted. I copied her onto a pressed lunch sack. It's the perfect color for maintaining the antique feel of her photograph.
The nest is one that came from my back porch, built by Carolina wrens two years ago to house their first family together, scanned in the computer. The three eggs are my children, in the nest that my husband and I created for them, surrounded with love. The three butterflies are them as well, ready for flight and leaving on their own journeys.
It is not perfect, but it is mine. It comes from that place in me that I have longed to reach, but have been afraid to open. It is laying bare my feelings and emotions of reaching that place in my life where I am now the mother of adults. This is their Spring, the season of new growth and exploration. Of leaving the nest to start their own lives. It is the time I knew was coming and I am grateful that they are ready for it.
Fly, little birds, spread your wings and soar. I will be here at the old nest, still full of love and joy and memories of you. It will never be empty.


GardenGoose said...

I think you did very well on the art. I like it. ya know as artists of any kind..I have found it to be so very true..we are our own worst critics. so hey..go a bit easy on did good..and with more practice at will get easier..things usually do. here's wishing you a great weekend.

Beverly said...

I really like what you did! I am a big fan of collage and altered art!

I am Amy Wagner... said...

You did GREAT. Beautiful.