Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lamentations of a Tag Sale Queen

I have been declared the queen of tag sales, yard sales, garage sales and any other sale by my children. I try to be a kind and benevolent ruler, of course. Sharing the bounty of my conquests with others is part of the job, is it not?
The onset of Spring usually brings with it that little tingle of excitement. It is, after all, Yard Sale Season. The time when people come out of their Winter cocoons and begin to clear away the clutter that has somehow grown over them. Somewhat like the barnacles that consume ships that have been berthed too long.
This is the time that my mother, my friend ("Lucy") and I cherish. Yard Sale Friday is the day we look forward to. It is what propels us through our week of laundry and dishes, breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Sorting through castaways to find a treasure to take home (or give away) is the ultimate challenge.
This year has been different. We have only found one Friday where we were able to venture out. Our lives have been busy taking care of families, friends and ourselves. I miss our time together.
I have found that beyond the fact that we are all junk collectors (honestly named, willingly accepted) we like being together. It's not necessarily the sales that draw us in, it's the togetherness, the conversations, the laughs, the time spent in the company of those we love.
It's the going out on Friday and secretly plotting to destroy those signs that advertise "Saturday Only" yard sales. (We've only done that once, and that was my mother's doing. Although she had an ulterior motive, which may not be discussed in such polite company.)
It's the trying to maintain composure in the most horrendous of circumstances, when you have surely been exposed to something that the EPA should be warned about. How have we survived? (Hand sanitizer. And lots of it!)
It's the seeing something that would be perfect in your own home and leaving it for one of the other's to find because it would also be perfect in theirs.
It's watching our eyes light up at the sight of table after table of endless delights and planning our attack before leaving the truck. ("Lucy, you go to the left, I'll take the center and Mom, you go directly to the back table where they will surely have all the things they don't value sitting on the fifty-cent table.")
It is the look on my mother's face when she finds what she knows to be something of value for a mere pittance. You can read her like a book. And it's a cheesy romance novel, blatant and obvious.
Do you see now why I miss it so much? That camaraderie, I have found, is key to my existence. It makes me happy. It creates sweet memories that I will carry forever. It fills a void in me that I did not know was there, but now that I have recognized it, needs to be tended to and filled often.
So, there lie my lamentations. People, clear out your closets, your cellars and your attics. Have a tag sale, a yard sale, a whatever-you-want-to-call-it sale. Families, learn to take care of yourselves for one day. There are three women who want, no NEED, to get out and have fun together.

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GardenGoose said...

I too like going to garage sales/yard sales..but absolutely hate having them. love finding a deal though(what woman doesn't..ha)